Monday, November 4, 2013


hello monday!
we had a 3 day weekend..
which is a treat.
and after staying up until 5:00 am
wednesday night to watch the 
red sox win the world series..
i needed some sleeping in.

yesterday i went with a friend 
to the paul bert flea market 
at porte de clignacourt.
i've never been to this one..
what a fun day we had!
starting with lunch at cafe paul bert..
we indulged in wine and entrecote.

now, we didn't find many
bargains here..but,
shopping this market made me 
think about collections.
can one have too many collections?
since moving to paris
i've started collecting cafe au lait bowls,
vintage linens, and little moutard (mustard) jars.
i also want to collect these gorgeous vintage 
seltzer jars! just look at the colors!

i did start my collection of 
vintage french bread boards yesterday.
love them!

and french ironstone.
need. to. collect.

these old pharmacy jars
were  HUGE.
i wanted them all.
but at 200 euro a piece..
i refrained.
but aren't they lovely??

and what about these 
vintage wine bottles?
a beautiful collection.

what do you collect?


  1. I collect pretty little bowls and green glass jars. I try to keep it reasonable as there are only so many that can be displayed in a house! I love these pictures.

  2. Hi Pam!
    Your images are fantastic! I collect ironstone, hotel silver, menus, vintage French ribbon, and French embroidery stamps.
    One can never have enough French linens. They last a lifetime. My girlfriend "shagged" a French wine crate, (with the help of a spirited waitress), for me, from an Irish bar in downtown Seattle this past Summer. (They throw them away!) I guess that I am collecting French wine crates now!
    I adored standing at your kitchen sink today!

  3. What a view we had today! Thank you. I guess that I am of the opinion that you cannot have too many collections. I have too many to list, but a few are owls (yes, but I have been collecting them for 47 years!), miniature boxes, wooden spoons and paper dolls. I just keep rotating them! Lol. I'm loving your life in Paris pictures and stories, they remind me of the years we lived in Japan. Thanks again....Francine

  4. I collect seashells that I find on the many beaches we visit, vintage books(I home educated my children for 17 yrs. so I love books), stationary, and Rachel Ashwell Linens.

  5. I collect friends like you and Catie. :) Oh, and I love beach glass and vintage Christmas...especially orphan ornaments!! Your pics are, as always, awesome! Love you. MA

  6. I collect sheep...a friend started me n it years ago....and the art of my friends and daughter, and vintage tablecloths, and pretty vintage china....among other things! I love catie's collection too ;)

  7. Hi Pam !!

    It's nice to meet you. Kelly from Out of Colorado sent me to your bloggy ! I love it !! I'm a Canadian but lived in Paris for two years. I just did a blog post on Paris and Kelly said that you could relate (LOVE THE wtf … welcome to France ) … I used to say that every time I had to mail something, do anything to do with paperwork, or try to complete a sentence in French without blushing.

    It is so lovely to meet you.

    Lynne xx

  8. Pam- Loved the little peeks of collections you saw that day! I have always been a collector and I start on one thing, then move onto the next, until I don't have a good way of decorating with them and then I might reevaluate old collections and sell them away if I'm not in love with them anymore.

    I love old silver (bowls, platters, trays, etc) I use them for serving as well as home decor when they aren't in use. I adore vintage glass bottles (liquor, pharmacy, I even have a vintage Holy Water glass bottle) especially if I get lucky with a vintage label still attached. I love to keep all of my collections in their "found condition" as I believe it would take away too much of their stories and character away from them. I also have old suitcases but have since stopped that collection because I can no longer tastefully decorate with them in the size house that I have- enough is enough right? That's the key to collections, you have to know when it is time to stop and move on to other things. :-)

    My house is cozy and a lovely place to sit and look at all my treasures. My favorite place to be is home with all my vintage goodies.


  9. I collect chocolate pots, many from France but from other places as well. Last year I purchased a silver Tiffany that was about 60 years old. I love it. I have my eye on one at a place in Paris, it is from 1785...sadly it is a little over my budget at 11,000 euro.

    Have a great weekend.