Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Another New Start

we move friday.

in the 20 years that
steve and i have been married..
this is our 10th move.
yes, it's stressful.
but it's also so exciting to move
to a new place..
a new town,
state or country.
a new start!
a new view!
and wow do we have a view.

there are many things i'll
miss about this apartment.
it was our first apartment here in paris.
it's a fabulous location..
i'll miss my local markets
and the familiarity of 
i'll miss this 
 very parisian apartment itself.
the gorgeous herringbone floors..
the high ceilings..
the fireplaces in every room..
the moldings and details throughout.

i won't miss the noise.
we live on a noisy street..
with noisy neighbors.
i won't miss the 3 am shouting
matches upstairs.
the stiletto heels stomping
on the marble floors.
i won't miss the glares 
she and i give each other 
when we run into each other
in the elevator.

who knows..
we could end up 
with similar neighbors in 
the new apartment..
(although we're on the top floor
and maybe we'll be the ones 
getting the complaints!)

here's to another new start
in paris!

happy thanksgiving to 
our american friends and family!

blogging seems to be taking
a back seat these days to instagram..
instagram is just so darn quick and easy!
follow my
posts for a daily peek of paris!


  1. Have a wonderful move day on Friday. Here's to "Another New Start!" I am sure it will be amazing! Cheers!

  2. Good luck with your move! We have moved a bunch too in 22 years, so I get it!
    Haven't been on IG in forever. I kinda burned out. Hated always checking my phone. It's just not "me".

  3. But what if you are a dorky mom like me and have one of those old slide phones and can't see anyone's Instagrams? :) I need to get with it, I know!
    I'm so excited for you-looks like you got the apartment you wanted? Getting woken up at 3 a.m. by high heels stomping across the ceiling would seriously send me over the edge-it sounds so exciting to get rid of that problem!
    Happy Thanksgiving Pam!

  4. Best wishes in your new spot! Your view will a lifelong memory for your family. Happy Thanksgiving to you! I would trade chocolate chips for yogurt cups! Seriously, I would.

  5. Happy for you! Plz don't stop blogging!

  6. pam, i am thinking that, years ago, when you started this blog & gave it a name, it was a prophetic moment.
    your views just keep getting better.
    next, you'll find some secret apartment UP INSIDE the eiffel tower.

    emily ~ i'm having luck checking in with IG once a day - usually late at night.
    i was feeling burned-out, too - felt like one more thing i needed to do.
    trying to find a balance ♥

  7. Congratulations girl! I'm so happy you got the apartment you wanted! yaay! I'm right there with you on the whole Instagram thing. I'm loving it as well because it's so personal and quick! We're already following each other, so see ya there :) xoxo, Jackie

  8. I'm so happy to have found you via IG...will be poking around visiting your new flat when you post pics over on IG!

  9. Wow, what an amazing view!!! Good luck in your new place - looking forward to following you on your new journey! xxoo

  10. Good luck...man you're really fortunate to see that view....everyday!


  11. Yay! Just started following you on Instagram...you have amazing captures!