Monday, December 2, 2013

Bienvenue chez moi

we are moved in for the 
most part.
it took all weekend..
we had more than we thought!

i can not express how 
grateful we feel to be here.
i'm actually thinking of 
going back to the old apartment
and thanking the woman upstairs.
we are truly blessed
and i'm thankful every single day.

speaking of thankful..
we had our thanksgiving dinner
last night!
it was delicious and more 
the turkey JUST fit
in my oven.

these two photos were taken
from my balcony
just a few minutes apart
as the sun was rising over 
Les Invalides
this morning.

and this one was taken
looking in the opposite 
direction from my balcony.
the sun is shining 
over paris this morning!

we call this room
the eiffel tower room.
steve and i sit 
in those club chairs
with our binoculars 
and glass of wine..
in awe.
we moved the couch 
and the coffee table
in to the adjoining room.

tv room..
i pushed both coffee tables
together to make
one large one.
a great space for all of my
next up is 
hanging pictures
and getting some
bookshelves for storage.

my sweet and tiny parisian
washer/dryer in the kitchen!
can you see my turkey in the oven??

ok..back to unpacking.
enjoy your monday! 


  1. These are priceless memories!

  2. Glad your move went well and you are settling in now. What spectacular views!!!! It is truly amazing and I don't blame you for sitting in the eiffel tower room with a glass of wine in awe. It is incredible ~ the stuff that dreams are made of. So happy for you and your family. Wishing you happy days in your new place. Lots of good times ahead. Enjoy!

  3. So glad the move was worth it! The views are amazing!

  4. Just beautiful!! And the turkey? Wow!! I am so impressed with all that you do! hugs, cathy

  5. What an amazing view - I would just sit and look out the window (especially in the evening!) Enjoy! xxoo

  6. How incredible your new home is!!!! I love that you put the club chairs with the view of the Eiffel will never watch t.v again. lol Your kitchen is so cute, modern, and clean.

  7. What a grand adventure you are having! That view is a stunner for sure! Welcome to your new home!

  8. Wow... I'm pinching myself for you!

  9. Honestly, that is amazing! So happy for you.

  10. Stunning! My favorite sights in Paris! I was more than happy to just watch all of the people while we visited the Eiffel tower... truly truly delightful!

  11. amazing amazing amazing!! xoxo

  12. We lived in a beautiful pre WWII building in Kyiv about 10 years ago. I had some of the same experiences.

    How do you like having a rug in the kitchen? I have often wondered about that. It looks terrific. What do you do about spills?

    Our younger daughter also had a medical condition that required us flying back and forth to medical care over the years.

    I really enjoy your blogs. We lived outside the U. S. for 14 years and have just come back. Sometimes it is great and sometimes I am so glad we have had experiences outside the U. S.. It is just a new season of life right now I suppose.

    I just love your pictures. Thanks.

    Ann in Northern Virginia

  13. your view is perfect!! beautiful place :)