Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Markets

the past few days i've been better.
not great..but better.
steve flew to boston
saturday..right into
a snowstorm!
he's back for work..
and christmas shopping!

saturday evening the kids
and i walked up to the trocadero
christmas market.
the entire time i'm thinking
to myself, "i live here!"
after a year and a half..
it's still incredible to me.

the eiffel tower all lit up
to honor nelson mandela.
such a beautiful sight.

i rarely eat meat.
but walking these 
markets sure smell good!
how do you think you go 
about eating one of those 
hanging things anyway??

cute felt slippers.

i didn't take many pictures
of the vendors..
it was SO crowded and 
i was pushing griffy in the 

looking over the skating rink.

kids posing

flying santas

eating churros

red flocked tree

and you can't go to 
the market without a ride
on the carousel! 

C'est Noel!!


  1. I feel the same ~ a year and a half later I still find it incredible that I live in London. We are on a wild ride! Glad I am not alone in my amazement and delight at the opportunity of this incredible expat adventure. I, however do not have a flat which overlooks Big Ben ;) Quite jealous of your view! Beautiful photos ~ I especially love la tour eiffel all lit up. I guess we will just have to go on pinching ourselves. C'est Noel! ~ Enjoy!

  2. Glad you are getting out and enjoy the Christmas wonders of Paris! There is so many fun and beautiful things to take in and enjoy. Hanging meat makes me gag. Well, all meat makes me gag---said the non meat eater!!

  3. So glad to hear you feel a bit better. I am thinking maybe you pinched a nerve in all your moving? Looks like a wonderful time out with your kids in the sparkle of Paris. xo

  4. i didn't know the eiffel tower was used in that way - to honor someone amazing. your photos are spectacular.
    i think those gross meat knuckle things are used for soup?? i'm with em - not my cup of soup.
    keep feeling better ♥

    p.s. churros??

  5. You have made me want to visit Paris in the worst way!!!! Soon. Are we going to see photos of the new apartment soon? I loved the old one and can't wait to see the new one. Merry Christmas.