Monday, September 7, 2015

Our Night in the Sahara...Morocco Part 4

Simo dropped us off
and we were met by our camel guide,

We all mounted our camels,
named them :)
and rode about an hour and a half
out to our tents.

It was right before sun set and
the lighting was beautiful.

We hopped off the camels to watch 
the sun go down.
As the kids ran through the red dunes
we talked with Ahmed and learned 
a little bit about his life.

He lives about 15 miles from
where we were staying.
He said he walks the camels back to
his home every night.
In the dark.

I asked him why he didn't get lost!
He said he knew every dune and 
that he'd get lost living in a city
like Paris!
He spoke many different languages..
just by being around people
like us that were wanting to spend
a night in the Sahara.

Time to get back on the camels
and head to our tents!

When we arrived, our host
for the night,
Mustafa told us that we were
the only family out there! 
We had the place to ourselves.

We had two tents..
and the middle tent shown above
with the flap open is the dining room.
We sat down to an amazing dinner 
and then sat outside to stargaze.

The next morning 
only a few of us woke for 
the magnificent sunrise.

After a delicious breakfast
Steve took the kids for rides
on the quad...

...and I took some pictures of 
the inside of our tents.
This is the bathroom.
Plenty of hot water!

A very comfortable night sleep!
It was so quiet!

Time to say goodbye to the Sahara.

And to our new friends...

Our night in the Sahara
was an unforgettable

We missed Stephen and 
hope to bring him someday.

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  1. Wow, what an amazing experience! The tent looks lovely, very comfy and clean. I read that you're leaving Paris next year, I hope you'll fill us on in on why and where you all plan on living after this...I'm going to be a bit sad as I've enjoyed living vicariously through your Parisian life:) Do your kids speak French or is it fairly easy to get by knowing only English? So many questions LOL!