Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lately and Today..(today meaning yesterday)

Lately...I've been addicted to this tea. Stash's Lemon Ginger. I have my one cup of coffee in the morning and then drink this all day long.

Today..Friday..the kids have their piano lessons. We have a teacher that comes to the house. His name is Jesse..he's about 25...drives a beefed up Mustang that we can hear coming from miles away...and has tattoos. He's also a dj.    Seriously, he's a great teacher.

Lately...I've been catching up on a million past episodes of Mad Men and Parenthood. Well, not really a million..but I watched 52 episodes of Made Men and 35 episodes of Parenthood. Late at night on the ipad with my earbuds.  I think I have a problem.

Today...I've been looking forward to date night. 

 Lately...I've been putting off calling my doctor. The backing to one of my earrings has basically become part of my earlobe. I've lost a couple of earrings in the past and now I'm freaked out that I'll lose another so I screw on the backing so tight that I can't get it off. Not looking forward to this at all. was 50 degrees and sunny. Will had a "personal day" from school. So we went to the play ground. He and Griffin played outside all afternoon. Tomorrow we're expecting snow!

Lately...I've been dreaming of gardening. I have two raised beds in the yard and really want to add more this year. I'm thinking hard about starting some from seeds.  Maybe I'm way over my head. 

And night. 
Happy Weekending!


  1. The pizzas look delicious! Ouch about your earring...I'm sorry. That tea sounds really good. Our weatherman said this morning, there may be some sleet Sunday night. How boring. I think our snow chances this winter are gone. I hope you enjoy the snow for me. :)

    Enjoy your date night!

  2. oh my! I caught up on the old Parenthood seasons too. But I didn't have my ipad back then. So I actually watched it on my iphone. How hilarious is that.

    I wonder if I would like Mad Men.

    We have date evening tomorrow...what are you doing for your date? I thought of trying to do the climbing wall at REI instead of our usual overpriced restaurant meal and movie..on top of the 50 bucks for the babysitter. BUT, a meal I don't have to cook sounds heavenly to me.

  3. Love personal days. . .annika had oe of those this week, too!

    Date night sorely needed here!!

  4. Can't wait for Mad Men to start again! Happy Date night. xoxoxo

  5. Pizza with basil---yum! You are such a good cook, I can just tell. Have you watched Downton Abbey? Pam you would LOVE it. Hope things are going well. Jeff still has the photo of all our kids on the beach on his IPhone and every time I see it, I miss you!

  6. that tea looks good! Mad Men, ahhhhhh. Love that Don Draper!

  7. I just recently found your blog. I love Parenthood. That tea looks interesting...lately I've been into Tazo Orange Spice tea...I only really like fruity teas. Hope that earring thing is not too big of a deal.

  8. The pizza looks soooooo yummy! I love to make homemade pizza. Oh, and the tea! YUM!

  9. I am excited to plant in my raised beds this year too...not sure I could do seeds...I am a little too impatient :) I might need to try your tea!

  10. will definitely be on the lookout for that tea, i'm intrigued - whole foods?? so excited for mad men to start again - march 25 - i'm envious that you're watching episodes for the first time, season 3 was probably the best season of any show i've ever watched - complete and total addiction. for now, downtown abbey is my drug of choice ... but on sunday that'll be ending too :(

  11. omg, stupid auto correct - DOWNTON, not downtown ...