Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My New Beach

back in the states,
i'd walk the beach.
here, i walk to the eiffel tower.
i try and get out for a walk
when the older kids come home 
from school.
just half hour by myself.
to clear my head before
the dinner rush.
last night i went out
at dusk.
i think it's my favorite time
of the day here in paris.

the soft lighting in the sky
and in the paris flats.

the lines out the door each 
evening at my local boulangerie.

i got to trocadero 
just as the tower was 
being lit for the night.
it's like watching
the sunset on the beach.
that sight never gets old.

bonne nuit paris.


  1. Good Morning, Pam really pretty!

  2. What a special way of ending the day. You are lucky you live so close to "la Dame de Fer," Pam. Wonderful photos too. Glad you are adjusting to your Parisian life. A bientôt. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. I love your new beach..... And one of the best parts? You're not tracking sand into the house after a stroll. ;-)

  4. Beautiful pics!! Glad you are getting out for a walk and also using your camera!! Thanks for sharing with us :) hugs, cathy

  5. such a beautiful post..I really love your blog! really love the way you write