Friday, March 1, 2013

WTF (welcome to France)

sarah at clover lane's post today
made me go back and look
at pictures of the kids
when they were younger.

or maybe i just have time on my 
hands today as i wait
and wait
and wait
for my plumber to show up.
why WOULD he be here at 1:00
when he said he'd be here at 9:00 a.m?
i've learned to stop questioning
the french and their ways.
we just chalk it up as just another
(welcome to france)

oh..believe me,
i have many a WTF moment.
starting way back with our visa process.
and then of course there was the 
carte de sejour..
or our temporary residence card.
that was a fun process.
waiting ALL day in lines 
and waiting half naked
(have they heard of a johnny?)
to have an x-ray to make sure 
we don't have tuberculosis.
after we passed all the necessary
questions and medical exams
we had to run across the street
to the TABAC shop
to buy stamps to pay for the card.
why WOULD  they take a credit card or check?
and why would they sell the stamps there?
of COURSE they sell them at the TABAC shop.
"yes, i'll have 700 euro worth of stamps,
a pack of smokes and a lotto ticket,
s'il vous plait?"

i'm NOT complaining. 
i actually get a kick out of
french customs and behaviors.
but more importantly,
it opens my eyes and mind
to different cultures and that
is one of the reasons we moved 
our family here.
we want our children (and us!) to experience
difference in language, environment,
clothing, education, food, religions.

plumber is here.
i don't think i've ever seen 
a plumber dress so nicely.


  1. oh, pam!
    this is just an amazing photo.
    little stephen is aDORable ♥

  2. Great post reminded me of the hoops we had to jump through for our children and spending a full month in Russia....!

  3. Such a sweet picture of your little ones. I think I will go through my photos sometime next week and reminisce about when my kids were younger. Times flies. WTF - too funny! I loved your post and I can completely relate.

  4. I had to look twice before I realized that cutie on top was not Griffy!! They are all beautiful.