Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring in Paris?

i bought these crab apple 
branches last night..
almost took out a few people
on my walk home.
i need some sign of spring!

it was 28 degrees this morning
here in paris.
so done with winter.
and i love winter.
but i'm done.
i'm ready to shed the
puffy coat.

decision making has 
never come easy to me.
i'm always the last to order
at a restaurant. 
trying to decide
even which restaurant
to go to
is enough to make
me crazy.

but, i did make one 
decision recently.
i'm not sending griffin
to preschool next year.
after months of 
mulling this over
i know that this is 
what is right for us.

believe me
there have been
and there will be days
that i wish he was in 
school for a few hours.
but that day will come
sooner that i know
and i'll have hours
and days
and years ahead of me
to spend my days
with out children.
and i'll wish for these days.

i did a little rearranging 
the other day.
i decided we needed a game table.
(thanks for the idea mom!)
we've been having fun
working on this puzzle.

griff and i at angelina
last week on my birthday.
angelina has THE most amazing
hot chocolate.

good mail days
make me happy.
even if i receive 
my mags a month late.

i will never tire of leopard.
i adore seeing older women
in their leopard here.
and speaking of fashion..
parisian women sure do 
love their furs.

my phone has been
indispensable since moving
to france.
my google translate app
is a must
and if i don't have time
to translate 
while shopping,
i'll snap a picture and 
go home and do it.
i'm sure the other shoppers
find me strange
snapping pictures of 

griffin's hiding place.

(image unknown)

i've been busy this week
planning our next trip.
can you guess where?

bon weekend mes amis!!


  1. Angelina's is one of our go to places whenever we are in Paris (which is never enough). Your pictures from Ireland were amazing! Thank you also fo the book suggestion Me Before You. I loved it!!! Here's to spring hopefully Massachsetts will start having some warmer temps and the snow will melt!!!

  2. So done with winter myself...have no idea what your next trip is but I'm sure it will be wonderful, and reminded me about magazines I need to order my mags; I have vouchers through the school and just need to do it. We are in a deep freeze here on long island (well I think its a deep freeze) I am doubting that the forsythias will bloom in two weeks! Thinking to cut some branches and force a bloom. Angelina's sounds great...did you want to ask for that Pitcher? Sure you did!!!!! :)

  3. I didn't put my youngest into pre k until he was 4 and never regretted it. And I was so thankful our kindergarten is still half day. They grow up so fast.

  4. that picture of griffy at angelina looks like paris has won him over.

  5. Your home is lovely... I love the game table idea and just might do a little rearranging of my own. It sure is so hard to make decisions, especially concerning our children... but one thing I know for sure is that extra time with our children is always for the best... as I'm sure you already know, you certainly won't be regretting your decision of keeping your little one with you one more year. I wish I had kept Anna our of preschool when she was three. I listened to everyone and did what I thought I was "supposed to"... oh well, I can only make better decisions now... it's funny how much I cared about what others were doing back when I was a new mom and now I could care less what others think and what "everyone else is doing" and just go with my heart. ~ Love your leopard look too. Awesome! Have a happy Easter with your family! ~tara

  6. Enjoy all the time you can with your youngest , they grow up too quickly as it is. The picture you show while thinking of your next trip, makes me think it could be 'la Provence' ?
    Have a lovely Easter with your family.

  7. It is such fun to ride along with you on this wonderful adventure you are having abroad! I love to hear about the places you visit and your daily lives living in Paris. I enjoy your sense of humor very much. So glad I discovered you. Happy Easter!