Monday, April 1, 2013

French Yogurt Cups

i've had a few people
ask me to put the 
french yogurt cups 
on etsy.
and i get it.
i have been collecting them
since we moved here.
yes, yogurt is also
sold in plastic cups...
(i love the bonne maman yogurts)
but i usually end up buying
the yogurts in the glass containers.

we use them for flowers
and paint brushes
and toothbrushes
and crayons
and water glasses.

and i suppose when i start 
making my own yogurt..
i can use them for that too.

i will list them on etsy
today is a holiday in france.
no school and 
no work for steve!
it's cold and sunny.
a nice day for a walk
in paris.


  1. Yeah! I'm so excited! I can't wait to have a little Paris in my home! AK in WI

  2. Those are awesome!! I would love some!!1

  3. Hope you have a lovely holiday! Those yogurt glasses are lovely - I can see why so many people want them.

  4. Hooray! I, too, have wanted some. They are so cute.

  5. YEAH...i was thinking about asking you to try to find some for me.....but hated to be a bother. can't wait to see them listed!!
    hope you are having loads of has been a cold and snowy winter here in the NE.

  6. check out Gabrielle Blair's (Design Mom) blog from last friday (i think). it was all about great things to bring back from France. I would love to get my hands on some of those dishtowels she mentions also. let me know what you think of the items she mentions!

  7. Hi Pam, I found your site because of Jeanne Oliver's blog. In reading thru some of your past posts, I discovered your Irish trip and thought it funny that we rented the same cottage in Doolin. We loved the location and the owner's were so incredibly sweet. Love the yogurt cups, gonna go check out your shop now.

  8. Hi Pamela I hope you had a lovely easter it was great to be able to get out and about!! Walk off a little chocolate... I am also a fan of the little yoghurt jars perfect for little blooms xx Carla