Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Weekends in Paris

(all photos are iphone photos)

(peonies at my local out door florist)

i love our weekends
here in paris.
we try and balance
them with a little bit of 
date nights
family dinners.

steve works very hard
during the week.
he also travels frequently.
he is never ever home
during the week for a 
family dinner.
so we try and make the 
most of every minute of 
our weekends.

 (basil and Greenbanks by Dorothy Whipple
on the balcony)

on saturday
steve took the little
kids to the tuileries
for a few hours.
a treat for me
to paint my nails
and sit on my balcony
and read.
stephen is studying
these days for his 
upcoming finals.
hannah was off 
walking around the city
with friends.

(weekend morning pancakes 
by hannah and griff)

saturday evening
we had some friends
over for drinks and 
yummy cheeses i bought
at the fromagerie.
we then walked
to le congres
near port maillot
for a delicious and 
fun evening with our friends.
champagne and oysters
wine and salmon
digestif's and chocolate deserts.
we dined for hours!
we had a fabulous and 
funny waiter.
of course as we leave
(like i always do now)..
i ask for matches
(for my collection)
and if i could buy a 
water carafe.
negative for both
which is a bummer
but it doesn't hurt to ask

(taken from hannah's balcony)

sunday was a gorgeous
day here in paris.
we started out walking to 
the american library.
we rent movies
and load up on
for me..
patricia wells' cookbooks.
looking forward to 
cooking with her!
from there we strolled to
the champs du mars
and sprawled out
on blankets to enjoy 
the warm sun.
i wished i had been
better prepared
with a picnic.
which also got me thinking..
i REALLY need a picnic
hoping i can find one here.

from there we headed to the 
latin quarter for dinner.
as we were walking home
steve and i were just
taking in the beautiful sights
around us and talked about
how 3 years 
(maybe 4)
will just not be enough time for us here.

(snacks and homework
on the balcony)

our friends that we had dinner
with saturday evening are 
getting ready to move
back to the states this summer.
they've luckily, been here 
4 years.
we talked about what they'll miss
(baguettes being #1)
and if they're ready to go.

i don't think i'll 
ever be ready to leave


  1. You sound so good Pam!
    Finally adjusting and becoming attached a bit.
    It's all good girl.
    Soak it up!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend - we spent ours at the girls' ballet show! Too many of my friends are leaving this year. So glad we have at least one more year to enjoy it.