Friday, April 5, 2013

Parisian Women and the Cafe

(photo unknown)

i could sit at a cafe
every single day.
griff and i try to
visit a new cafe
each friday.
although, many days
we just visit our favorite.
i bring the ipad
and toys
and things to keep him
so i can just 
people watch.

(photo unknown)

today we were at 
our neighborhood cafe.
griffy gets the hot chocolate
and a croissant.
i will usually get a pot of tea.
but today i went all out
and had the nicoise salad
and a glass of vin rouge.

we sat for over an hour..
and i was so thankful 
to have that time.

how i wish i could have
photographed the women
sitting around me.
some sitting with 
other women..
some sitting alone.
one woman who 
was in her 70's
or maybe even her 80's
was dressed so beautifully.
hair and nails done
fur coat and designer bag,
dress and leopard
kitten heels.
her makeup was perfect.
she had a glass of 
champagne and a slice of 
apple tart.
she didn't finish her champagne
or her tart.

(photo unknown)

i kept thinking about
how i wished i had
done my nails!
and didn't have my 
big black puffy jacket on.

i kept trying to sit up a bit 
and not cross my legs 
at the knees,
but at the ankles.

i tried not to inhale my 
and to actually leave
some on the plate.

i was trying to act all parisian..
and then griffy spilled his
hot chocolate
and i started speaking 
really bad french.

(iphone photo)

bon weekend mes amis!!


  1. Oh you made me were setting such a romantic scene when you were suddenly returned to real life!

  2. Too funny! That picture is absolutely the best ending to this story. Loved it.

  3. He almost looks French, that child of yours, with his cute little Marinière! Next time, bring the camera! Parisians are used to being shot at all day long by tourists and bloggers :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. You should have asked her if you could take her photo! Maybe she would have enjoyed posing for you. I mean, after Griffy spilled the hot chocolate what more did you have to lose!! :) Seriously, I bet she was sitting there thinking about how adorable you and Griffy were. I have to add that, as someone who specializes in parenting issues, I am quite impressed that you are able to take Griffy to a cafe and have him sit there for an hour. You are most definitely doing something right!

  5. I love real life. You are so darn funny. Your stories are the best. Happy Friday!

  6. Too funny! I love all your photos...especially the last one. He is so adorable.
    Nothing like a chocolat chaud disaster to bring you back to reality.
    Bon Weekend!

  7. This was such a great post Pam. You have great comedic timing with your writing! HILARIOUS, but sweet stuff!

  8. best post ever... laughed at the part where Griffin spilled his hot chocolate... motherhood... in it's own special way... it's glamorous too! Love reading your blog, tara

  9. Oh how I love the picture you just painted for me and that last photo is simply awesome!

  10. Don't you love time spent observing... Paris is just the best for that...
    Loved your post... and that last shot is heaven... xv