Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Pantheon and My Interview with Jeanne Oliver

we have been blessed
with days and days
of sun.
it is still cold
but when the sun is shining
like it has been..
paris is beautiful.
yesterday we walked around
the 5th arrondissement
and the pantheon.
it is such an amazing building.
it is the burial place of
victor hugo
marie curie
and many more.

beautiful ornate columns

view from the pantheon

around the 5th

rue saint etienne du mont.
saint stephen du mont
that would be my husbands

not only does he have a 
street named after him..
but a church too.

these steps are where Gil Pender
sits at midnight
waiting for the past
to pick him up.
(midnight in paris)

and this is the cobble stoned
street that the 
car drove up to pick him up.
we love that movie.
we watched it again last night.

and if you'd like to see 
an interview i did recently
with jeanne oliver...
click here!

jeanne was so much fun
to chat with!
i love her designs,
her blog
her online courses
and her outlook on life.
and i now call her friend.
thank you jeanne!


  1. The interview was wonderful!! You both are so beautiful!!!

  2. Loved your interview!!!! xoxox

  3. Watched your interview the other day. Loved it! So glad to be introduced to you.

  4. The interview was great it was wonderful to meet you virtually... BTW I live on Long Island I'm 10 minutes away from a Michael's last year after my son's spring chorus I booked down to Micheal's to get him a white t-shirt that he needed the next day that I was told before chorus... store was about to closed and I got one....I also live about twenty minutes from Christmas Tree Shop if you ever need anything.... again great video!!!!!

  5. I really enjoy the photos...in Oct I am bringing my 10 year old grandaughter to Paris!

  6. Oh Pam! Paris is so beautiful! One day ... I can dream. My husband is headed to Switzerland soon and I'm just wishing I could join. I love to hear of your adventure and know, I'm more than a little jealous :)

  7. Pam! I have been so out of the blog world for a bit...but have been creating, and teaching. I just watched your interview today...LOVED it! So good to hear your voice and see a friend from blogging time...bittersweet. I need to find my voice, or decide if I want to keep that going, or open a new site. When I received Jeanne's email, I didn't think it was you because it said, "Pamela." I just thought it was ironic there was another woman in Paris who was living there with their family...ha. So happy you are having a wonderful time!

  8. I left you a comment, but I guess I did not decrypt the words correctly because it is not here!
    I said.........You MUST get the Saint Etienne Du Mont photos in B & W and frame them!!