Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April in Paris

if you are in paris this week..
boy did you luck out!
the weather is amazing!
today it's sunny and 75!
and griffy and i are napping..
he was up all night with a 
stuffy nose and couldn't breathe.
we are both exhausted today..
but hopefully we'll  get out soon
and enjoy this gorgeous day.

this past weekend
was busy and fun.
friday night we hosted
two baseball boys 
from the international school of frankfurt.
stephen had baseball games friday
and saturday.

saturday will and i 
went on a walking tour
with his class.
we learned so much!

i wanted to jump out of the tour
and go into this bookstore.

i hope i can find my way back here sometime.

sunday was sunny and 75!
we walked all day.
we started at saint germaine de pres

le deux magots

these guys are always playing right
outside the metro station

the cafe's were crowded

we walked along the seine.
loved this girl riding her 
bike in her tutu.

and this stylish frenchie..
black ballets
trench and rolled jeans.

perfect day for a party 
along the seine.

we walked around the 
jardin de tuileries.
the flowers smelled so lovely
as we walked!

we sat at an outdoor
cafe and had lunch.

the boys ran around 
"looking for treasures"
and we sat for an 
hour at the cafe.
such a treat.

we walked home 
along the champs elysees.
now, it's always crowded
but wow!

i'd never seen it like this!

and here's what i wore..
blue gingham
man, do i need a tan on those legs.

april in paris!


  1. OH I'm so happy for you! I had to laugh because I took pictures of some of the same locations... hmm the flowers were closed up tight and the outdoor seating at the cafes was EMPTY... what a difference the absence of rain, a bit of sunshine, and 35 degrees can make. So so pretty! (however i found it truly lovely even though it was rather brisk the week before!)


  2. So cute as always! That bookstore is to die for.

  3. Gosh..they are all enjoying that weather. I really enjoyed the walk myself. thanks!...Janey

  4. I love the picture of your boys by the flowers... lovely. ~ tara (and I always love when you show us what you wear in Paris... I so need to redo my dumpy tees and yoga pants for some real clothes)

  5. Springtime in Paris! It looks absolutely glorious! Enjoy!

  6. Your photos are a lovely travelogue - very evocative. Happy Spring!

  7. Bonjour Pam,
    Thank you for whisking me away to April in Paris - you captured the feeling well - flowers, sidewalk cafes, people stretching toward the sun, children playing, the biker in tulle is my favorite!, fashions. . . it's all there. You look stylish and ready for Spring! Joyful wishes to you!

  8. So glad I found your blog! We are on our way to Paris in three weeks.....for the first time!! Can't wait! And your legs look fabulous! That would be a darn good tan for me!