Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More French Pharmacy and Dinner Last Night

since moving to 
i've become a product junkie.
and i never was one before.
i hardly wore makeup..
i bought cheap shampoo
at the grocery store.
but the french pharmacy
just sucks me right in.

as much as i plan on 
trying every single
type of cheese in france..
i also plan on trying
every single product
at the pharmacy.

here are my latest finds..

i love this Vichy cleanser.
it's gentle but gets the job done.

i'm a sucker for packaging.
marvis toothpaste not only
tastes great and comes in 
many different flavors..
but it's so pretty to look at.

caudalie has many wonderful
products that i plan on trying..
i use this scrub once a week.
i like it but think i'm going to try...

...lierac  body milk next.
my pharmacist gives me all
kinds of products to try.
i love that they know 
me by name now.
 i mentioned recently that i splurged
and bought the clarins double serum.
i like it..but probably won't replace it.
my pharmacist told me to try 
the filorga serum next.
she gave me some samples 
and i like it.
it's half the price.

yes..this is just a bottle of 
water to spray on your face.
but, i love that it comes
in this travel size.
after a long plane ride
or a yoga class
or a bit too much wine
the night before..
give your face a wakeup call
with avene.

my latest shampoo and conditioner.
i'd been using phyto
which is great for thin, fine hair
like mine..
but it made my hair look greasy.
i like klorane..
and i use their dry shampoo 

i've tried MANY 
different hand creams.
i've even had prescriptions.
nothing worked for my
terribly dry skin.
except this.
my pharmacist told me
to also wear it at night
with gloves or socks.
i just can't seem to do that.
even with out going to bed
with socks on my hands...
this cream has been a lifesaver.
now, when i walk in to the 
she has it ready for me.
also..i just started my latest 
persephone book
by dorothy banks.
i'm hoping you read
Someone At a Distance!!

dinner last night.
and delicious.
before moving here
i picked up this book
i use it often.
i have found in my cooking here
that i use shallots more than garlic..
white wine more that chicken broth..
and lots of tarragon.
this recipe doesn't call for tarragon
but on easter sunday
i made a delicious tarragon chicken
that i will share the next
time i make it.

here is the recipe for 
any-day chicken saute'
i promise it will be a huge hit.

4 chicken breasts
3 TB butter
fresh parsley, chives or chervil
or a mix of all
1 large shallot finely chopped
3/4 cup of chicken broth
3/4 cup of dry white wine
1 TB creme fraiche
or heavy cream

pound the chicken breast 
til thin
season with salt/pepper.
in large saute pan
melt 1 TB butter
and add chicken.
cook until no longer pink
turning once.
transfer chicken to plate 
and cover with foil.

add shallot to pan
and saute' until translucent.
add chicken broth and wine
stir with whisk to loosen brown bits
bring to boil until liquid is reduced to 
about 1/2 cup.
about 5 minutes.
whisk in remaining butter and cream
cook for a minute or two
and spoon over chicken.

bon appetit!!


  1. You have been trying lots of products! I LOVE Embryolisse!

    I am almost done with Someone At A Distance.
    I'm so glad you recommended it, because I am thoroughly enjoying it, and I am looking forward to how it ends.

  2. I am going to give your recipe a try tonight. It sounds good and I happen to have all the ingredients. I felt since I checked and I had everything that it must be meant to be. So tonights dinner it is! I never cooked with shallots before moving to London and happened to buy some last week for a recipe that called for them. Quite nice! I may be a convert as well.

    I have not gone to the Persephone store yet since I have a few books to finish before I treat myself to some more new ones. I do want to pick up some of Dorothy Wipple's books since I have been pouring over the catalogue and they sound really good.

  3. Hi Pam from Strathspey, Scotland. I've been lurking on your blog for a couple of weeks and enjoying your observations on La belle France! Re French pharmacies - My cousin Bill,who is another Scot, has a pharmacy in Orleans (It's a really long story)and I'm sure would also recommend all sorts of extra products to ease ones way thro' the day. Go in with a sore throat & before you know it you will have Sprays,gargles, tablets, drops, a thermometer,The works! On your previous post re the Café & Tarte au pommes. A really good French friend of mine ,always says his wife- stick thin, tall, and immaculately turned out; eats like a bird.(Elle mange comme un Oiseau). just a wee peck here & there.looking forward to more Parisian Life. Tout! John W.

  4. I would love to visit a French pharmacy! I am truly enjoying your writings on life in Paris. My very dry hands would love some that hand cream!

  5. That recipe sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing.


  6. I could spend tons of time in the pharmacie! I finally streamlined it down to about 3 things that I can't live without but my mother-in-law is always giving me little samples and then I am hooked to try something else! : ) Enjoyed your video with Jeanne! Really sweet to get a peek into 'la vie parisienne'!

    xx Cat

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  8. I'm really a sucker for choosing effective beauty products. I always end up with the low quality ones because I easily get swayed by its looks. I better do research next time before purchasing the product. Oh thanks for sharing the recipe by the way. Looks so delicious. :)
    - PortableSinkDepot.com

  9. I would visit regularly just for the packaging ~ so pretty! Wish they sold the hand lotion here, my hands are so dry.