Monday, April 8, 2013

A Wonderful Weekend in Paris..and the Yogurt Cups...

aren't these doors amazing?

are weekend was pretty amazing too.

just like back in the states..
we kick off our weekend
with friday night pizza.
i didn't ship my pizza stone
but a cookie sheet works just fine.
cheese for the little kids
and the works for steve and hannah
and i.
carmelized onions, artichokes, capers
mozzarella and feta.

saturday i got up early and
went to the flea market 
all by myself.
such a treat.

the porte de vanves
flea market is my favorite.
yes..the one up in clignacourt
is HUGE and has
charming, winding alley's
to walk while you shop..
but this one you can 
find treasures.
there isn't much furniture here..
lots of great little finds..
at decent prices.

look at those lampshades! 

i LOVED this booth.
the owner was so sweet
and spoke english 
quite well.

i'll be back to her booth 
for sure.

any weekend that involves
flea marketing 
is a good one in my book.

sunday morning
steve flew to barcelona
and the kids and
i headed out for a day
in paris.

we started at the museum
of natural history.
we had such a great time here!

it's a beautiful museum
with so much to see.

after a few hours there
we walked to Shakespeare and Co.
we spent an hour here..
sitting upstairs on the little
couch reading books.

(heading upstairs at the bookstore..
forgot that there are no photos here)

we each picked out a book..
for me..
Peter Mayle's 
A Year in Provence.
can't believe i've never read it.

from there we walked
around the latin quarter..
and got some dinner.

after dinner..
we walked along 
the seine
and visited the booksellers.
the  new bells of notre dame
were ringing and 
it was a beautiful evening.

i bought some old sheet music..

and this map of paris..
(the top right one)

heading home on the metro 
after a great day
(although we missed steve
and stephen).

the view out my window.
bonne nuit paris.
it was a great weekend.

so i can't sell the yogurt cups
on etsy.
they're not vintage, handmade 
or a craft supply.
i guess if some of you
still really want them
we could work something



  1. I felt like I was there...Great post.

  2. What a day Pam! I'm in heaven when I read one of these posts. I'm swooning over the brass stampings at one of the booths....

  3. Wonderful post! You had a great weekend.
    I have been collecting the yogurt pots here in London as well. I bought one at Whole Foods one day when we were touring around and I was delighted with the "la fermiere" cup (not to mention the yogurt was good). Now each time we are near Whole Foods I buy some and I have quite a collection on my shelf with my cookbooks now.
    I just watched your interview with Jeanne Oliver today. It was great! It was lovely getting to know you a bit better.
    I am looking forward to taking the new course that she is offering and starts today.
    You will enjoy "A Year in Provence". I read it years ago - long before ever thinking I would have the good fortune of living in Europe and that I would have the chance to visit France. I would love a trip to Provence and it is lovely to think that it could actually happen now that we live so close.

  4. A lovely Parisian weekend, that took me back to my Paris years in a heartbeat... Loved that you visited "les bouquinistes" after dinner. They are the happiest shopkeepers in Paris, that is for sure! (but they have to work outdoors in any weather, and that can't be that much fun all the time :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. amazing.
    i love the map you chose.
    the photo of the latin quarter is so, so good.
    those flea market shots have me weak in the knees.
    sewing notions & latte bowls...

  6. It sounded wonderful....I wish I was there too! Lovely post made me smile!

  7. It sure looks like a perfect weekend to me. Oh how I'd love to meander through those booths at the flea market... ahhh! Love those lamp shades!

  8. I love that your photos mean something to me. I love knowing where you were and even whose booth you were at when you were at the flea market!

  9. I love your blog and Paris looks amazing! Oh how I would love to wander through that flea market! : )


  10. Oh that flea market!! So many treasures!! The picture of all those little tins oh my!!! I would love those and of course those latte cups. I still would love some yogurt cups:)

  11. oh how beautiful! been home from our grand whirlwind tour of France less than 48 hours. down to a small collection of just over 900 photos to edit (we won't discuss how many were deleted already, ha ha!) I am going to have to pick you brain about coffee one of these days... i am going through withdrawal already missing the smooth rich deep flavor of french coffee... none of the bitter aftertaste so often found here in the states. love paris but no the subways... brittany leaves me sighing... feels like coming home even though i had never been there before in my life. missed the flea market as we were jaunting through the countryside. one day, it will happen... we will spend more time in france! :)

    now to head down to whole foods tomorrow to pick up some french yogurt... in the cutest yogurt cups in the land! the taste just does not compare to anything i've ever tried. and lets not talk about pain aux chocolat... on practically every street corner! :) the beautiful flower stands left me breathless!

  12. Pam- I want it all!! :-) Anything that you can't sell on Etsy please contact me! LOL. It all looks lovely. I imagine the sounds of Paris in my head and the smell of that lovely bookstore, you truly get to soak everything in and that is amazing!!

  13. What a fabulous way to start your day! Such great goodies ~ adore the sewing notions, lamp shade and those latte cups have endless possibilities! If you ever figure out how to share those yogurt cups, please keep me in mind.


  14. Those doors were really amazing. You could see that the people truly value their history and culture. Even if decades and centuries have passed, they still hold on to those things they had a long time ago. They preserve their rich culture and try to enhance it at the same time.

    Willene Fagen @ Roofing & More, Inc

  15. your blog and your photos are fantastic...I'm now obsessed with those yogurt pots...why didnt' I buy some last time I was there?? why?

    love that photo of the windows at time to spy like Jimmy Stewart at what's going on in everyone's apt.

    ps I took a ton of pictures at Shakespeare & Co....must have just got lucky..miss that store so much...