Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ordinary Days in Paris

last night steve and stephen
and i met up with 
steve's sister and her 
husband who are visiting
here in france.
they are staying at 
the four seasons george V
amazing hotel.
we met them for
drinks at the hotel bar there.
 ok, so i really would like
this to be my new hangout.
however, 27 euros 
(or 35 dollars) 
for a champagne cocktail
might be a bit much
for our weekly date night.
(i did score some 
cool George V matches!)

what a gorgeous hotel.
robert redford may have 
been spotted 

we've had a busy week.
not much blogging
or picture taking going on i'm thankful
for my camera phone to snap
pics of our daily life.

tuesdays are big shopping
days here for us.
griffy loves his little
cart and he scored 
a new pair of sunglasses.

will plays the euphonium
and had a band concert
at his school recently.
so proud of you buddy!

stephen had pics
with cap and gown this week.
i can't believe he's graduating.

bubbles on the balcony

the weather in the early part
of the week was gorgeous..
sunny and 70's.
french doors thrown open..
lots of walking
and balcony sitting.
i recently finished another
persephone book...
Greenbanks by 
Dorothy Whipple.
i loved it.

will's 5th grade class
put on a play this week..
it was so fun to watch!
will had a solo
and was terrific!

just ordered these lovelies.
i must say that i'm getting
better about wearing heels.
i love heels but don't love 
how my feet feel in them 
while walking all over paris.
but..i've been wearing them
more often and i think i'm
getting it down.
every day i feel a bit more

homemade chicken fajitas
are on the menu here
here  is the recipe.

my carafe d'eau 
collection is growing

steve is on a plane
to the states for a few days.
and the kids have started a 
two week spring break!


  1. That hotel looks so chic.
    What will Stephen do next year?
    Will just gets cuter, and cuter.
    Those heels are going to look amazing on you!
    The carafes are a great collection.
    Have a nice two week break.
    Great mix of a post!

  2. Lots of happiness here, nice to see!
    I would LOVE to go for a drink at the George V just once--it looks amazing.
    And soon, you will have the perfect and I do mean perfect shoes to take you back there...

  3. Loved the pictures. I have done the High Tea at the George V. .....the flowers were amazing.

  4. the flowers at George V are done by Jeff Leatham. I think anyone that gets to go and see them in person is a lucky duck. He is brilliant! Love your blog. I want to move to Paris!!!!

  5. The George V looks dreamy! Maybe one day.... The shoes.... I own and LUV!! They will carry you through the streets of Paris in leopard style!