Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fete du Muguet

i had big plans today.
steve has been in the states
since sunday..
the kids are on holiday..
stephen is studying for AP finals..
i thought i'd take the younger kids
to Musee Rodin.
so we walked 
and walked 
down to 
under the eiffel tower
all along the champ de mars
past l'cole militaire
and along les invalides...
all along it's raining 
harder and harder.
and do you THINK
that since i've lived in paris
i'd never leave home with out
an umbrella?
do you KNOW how many
umbrellas i own now
because every time i leave the
house i buy one?
and then i say to hannah..
after seeing a MILLION people
out and about today...
stores closed
cafe's closed..
i say..
wouldn't it be just great
if the museum was closed?

it was closed.
we hopped the metro 
and now after
putting on dry clothes..
we're headed to 
cafe victor hugo
for some french onion soup.

i learn something new 
every day here in france.
walking up my street
on our way to the closed 
Musee Rodin..
we find people
selling little bunches
of lily of the valley.

every corner i took..
there was another stand 
selling them!

today is a french holiday.
what a beautiful day 
for a holiday.
happy may day!
i love france.


  1. Griffy's curls are SO darn cute.

  2. lily of the valley is one of my very favorite flowers.
    i love how impossibly small and adorable they are.
    and the fragrance... mmmmmmm...
    happy french holiday to you ♥

  3. ... And since you bought some muguet, you brought luck and happiness to your family for a whole year (or so the legend says...) -- Joyeuse FĂȘte du Muguet, Pam! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. Veronique share this sweet holiday with us in class today- lucky you getting to actually buy your lily-of-the-valley in Paris! x

  5. craving that green! I'd take rain every day over our constant freak spring snow smatter. Love it, Pam!

  6. OH how beautiful! What a wonderful way to celebrate May Day! And I have a May Day baby!! Well he isn't a baby any longer... but a strapping 17 year old!! Have a wonderful day!