Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Home and Away

we've all been 
coming and going 
so much lately..
i can't keep up.
stephen flew home
late saturday night
from vienna.
he had an amazing few
days of baseball
and eating schnitzel.
paris won the silver medal!
and stephen also
"all tournament"
which was quite an honor.
what a great experience
for him..
to travel with his team to a 
different country..
stay with a host family
and play lots of baseball.
we're so proud of you buddy.

early sunday morning
steve and hannah flew 
in from boston.
she hadn't been home 
in over 3 weeks.
it's so good to have her back.
she's feeling better
and will try and return
to school tomorrow.

sunday night
we decided to go out 
to dinner as a family
as it was the first time
(and last time for a while)
that we'll all be together.
we went to the latin quarter
and had a great meal.
we walked along the seine
and saw the most beautiful
pink paris sky.
i kept saying to steve..
i wish i brought my camera!
and he said..
just enjoy the moment.
and i did.
but i still wish i had my camera.

very early monday morning
will left with his 5th grade class
for a field trip to brittany, france.
he'll be gone until friday night.
i miss him so much!
but i'm loving the experiences 
he's having and thankful
for the daily updates and pictures
from his teachers.
yesterday they were sailing
and walking along the beach
collecting crabs
and visiting a beautiful chateaux! 

looking forward to friday night
when we'll all be together again..
just for that one night..
as stephen flies to crete, greece 
saturday for a week! 

i am so thankful
for the opportunities
that my children are having!
and so thankful
that hannah is well and home.


  1. Sounds like priceless adventures, Pam. Wonderful blessings indeed. I too. Am sooooo thankful Hannah is home and feeling better.

  2. yay for your little girl feeling better!

  3. love that picture of Hannah and Griffin