Friday, May 24, 2013

If You're Coming to France...

....learn a few french phrases.
s'il vous plait.

i was in line
at my local boulangerie
the other day..
behind two american women.
the yoga pants and sneakers
of course gave them away..
but it was their loud
very thick southern accents
that you just couldn't miss.
when it was their turn to order..
they didn't even try to speak french.
instead she basically yelled.
"what flavor macaroons
do you have??"

i haven't lived here
long enough to be 
dolling out advice
on coming to france.
i will say..
if you are planning a trip..
 learn a few basic
"parlez-vous anglais"
will go a long way.

believe me,
french is hard!
i struggle 
every single day
with it.
i try.
and pretty much
just laugh at myself 
while doing it!

i would also suggest..
losing 5 pounds before 
arriving in france.
then you can eat
and eat 
and eat
all the macaroons
you can get 
your hands on.



  1. You are right on!
    We expect people to know our language when they are here, so we should do the same while in other countries. It is respectful, and part of the experience.

  2. All Southerners aren't so disrespectful I promise!!

  3. I have found that when traveling in France, if you make an effort {however small} to speak the language, French people are so lovely and willing to help.

  4. Ha! I'm coming there in October and am enrolled in French classes in preparation. Somehow I STILL think I'll bungle it but it's fun learning all the same! Love getting inspiration from your site, thank you! (And I'm leaving the tennis shoes at home, bien sur!)

  5. Found you via Lynne on 34th Street, but I have to agree wholeheartedly with you. It's downright embarrassing that tourists are sometimes so loud, and it's often Americans. I suppose everyone is excited to be there, but please tone it down and make a little effort!! Bon week-end~

  6. For some reason this never bothers me when I see people speaking English, I obviously agree people should not be rude, nor too loud. But there are so many countries in the world and so many languages...hard to prepare for all of them! We spent 3 months in Thailand and upon landing had no idea how to say please or thank you! I think a polite, friendly, and respectful attitude is much more important! We live in Europe too and one thing I find so interesting is every nationality using English as the common language..even older generations.