Monday, May 20, 2013

The Change

i'm going through the change.
just throwing it out there.
i turned 45 this year.
so i guess it makes sense.

i've been experiencing
night sweats
unexplained weight gain
mood swings.

the weight gain
thing has baffled me 
for months.
we moved to paris
almost a year ago
and since then i've gained
ten pounds.
i attributed it to 
the baguettes
and the cheese
and the nightly two glasses
of  delicious french wine.
so in january i started
dieting and exercising daily.
nothing happened.
i didn't lose one pound.
i went off carbs and sweets.
i've always been thin.
and this was ticking me off.

so when i started waking
up in the middle of the night
i started to do some research.

i'll see my doctor next
month when we go home
but i'm pretty sure this is it.

i will also say..
that i'm good in the no more
baby department.
i never thought i'd say that.
i look at babies now and think..
i'm ok with never having 
any more babies.

that's gotta be a symptom of 
pre-menopause right?
steve and i took the boys
to a playground yesterday
and i was looking at all the pregnant
moms and little babies...
i'm good.

i'm actually kind of 
ready for this next phase of my life.
believe me,
being a mom is still
my job and my love
but i'm starting to realize
that soon...
i'll have a whole lotta time
on my hands.
and i'm kind of excited about 
thinking about what i want
to do with that time.


  1. Let me say 2 words to you...Bioidentical Hormones. You'll feel like yourself again! I know it's not for everyone but check it out. xoxo

  2. I was the same after i turned 45 .... ok with not having babies; I thought that was odd too as if a switch flipped. Enjoy your day!

  3. I'm 42 and have hot flashes/night sweats - mild, but there! And I'm OK with not having babies. I hug my nieces all the time, quite happily. Hope your doctor helps you figure out this weight things. I gained more weight all up my belly than ever before and I hated it. I have actually managed to shed some of it with exercise and a high fiber diet. Hope you find relief!