Thursday, May 16, 2013


i flew home
to paris
alone tuesday night.
hannah is resting and 
recovering on the vineyard
with my mom.
i took this picture from 
the little plane i flew on
from the vineyard to boston.
you can see the three bridges
connecting cape cod
to the mainland.
i don't love flying...
but i loved flying over 
the vineyard and the cape.

what a long 11 days
it has been.
we sure weren't expecting
to be there that long.
i tried to balance
the many lows we experienced
with some highs.
and mani/pedi's with good friends.

our first day in boston
was a gorgeous day.
hannah and i walked
from our hotel
through boston common.

i love boston.
paris is where we live..
but boston is our home.

make way for ducklings
were all decked out 
for cinco de mayo.

from the common
we walked down boylston street.
this is the street that 
just over a month ago
boston was changed forever.

it was so emotional to be there.
i still can not believe that 
it happened.

monday we fasted 
and prepped for her 
procedure on tuesday.
tuesday we headed 
to children's hospital.
following her procedure
the doctor admitted her.
her crohn's was in need
of some stronger meds
and her pancreatic levels
were sky high.

we spent four long days
at children's.
lots of blood work
ultra sounds
during those four days
i thought about how blessed we are.
blessed that we are able
to hop a flight last minute
to the states and be seen
at one of the best children's hospital
in the world.
blessed that hannah
is getting healthy.
blessed that she has 
a loving grandmother
to watch over her
for a bit.

i kept thinking of 
the little girl..
staying at that very hospital
who not only lost her brother
but lost her leg
in that horrific attack.

we are blessed.


  1. I know. It is so hard to believe that there can be such hatred among people in a civilized world. Terror is such a wicked thing. The innocence of lives lost, lives changed forever, fear planted in hearts that may never go away. Life changed so quickly. But there is still good in this world and for that I am most thankful. Praying for your daughter for a speedy recovery.

  2. Yes we are Pam. Glad Hannah is doing ok!

  3. Sounda like Hannah is getting expert care. I feel sure the boys have missed you. That goodness for Grandmothers.

  4., what a time for you and Hannah and to be in Boston with such heartache around you. I know how difficult it must be for you. We probably crossed paths at one point or another, I flew in and of Logan earlier in the month. I am sure Hannah is getting the best medical care possible..wise call Mom and Dad. Sending prayers for a healthy recovery and needed rest for Mom...that mean's you. Take care... xx

  5. What an emotional trip, on so many levels. You did the right thing taking her back to the states. I hope she continues to get better, and I hope you can sigh (with a comforting big smile on your face) very soon.

  6. First, prayers for Hannah and you. Second. We visited Boston about 10 days after the Marathon for my husband's business. What an amazing city. Loved everything g about it .... The spirit was incredible. They are Boston strong!

  7. So glad to hear your trip went well. I live 20 minutes outside of Boston and yet it is so wonderful to see our beloved city through your lens.

    And, yes, Children's Hospital is the best! My two children had tubes put in (and surgically removed) at Children's - it is a magical place and it's hard not to say a prayer for all the children you see during your journeys there. The last time we were there was when my son had his tubes removed (about 18 mos old) and we were waiting for the valet to bring the car around - glad it was over and happy to go home the same day. As we were waiting a van pulled up and the driver and another person got out to help the child out (custom van equipped for a wheelchair). As I looked closer I saw that it was Rick and Dick Hoyt (of marathon fame!) - Dick had a nurse with him to help Rick out in his wheelchair and enter the hospital. Such a reality check for me - all I had to do was put my healthy son into his car seat, collapse his stroller and stow it in the back of the van and drive home....something they have never been able to do. (they were also in the vicinity of the first bomb...I can't even imagine....)

    Yes, Children's is amazing - even more so are the people who make up this wonderful city! So glad you were able to come back even for a short to Hannah and hope she is resting comfortably.

  8. So glad that your daughter is doing better. Sending prayers and my love to her and your family. What a poignant time to be in Boston too - my heart goes out to everyone affected by that tragedy. You are absolutely right - we are blessed indeed! xxoo

  9. We truly are really blessed even through hard(er) times. Loved your post and I am enjoying following along on your journey. Glad your daughter is doing better and that she is able to stay with her grandmother. Nothing better than family during the bitter sweet expat experience. It is so hard during these stressful times as a mother and I know the feeling well of being one place and worrying about those that you are not with. Take care. Thinking of you.