Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Candles, Perfumes, Books and More

right up the street
from my flat
is the diptyque store.
this is my latest..
my sister in law
bought it for me when she
was here visiting.
it's the perfect
hostess gift.
maybe along with 
a box of macaroons.
speaking of hostess gifts..
stephen is flying to vienna
tomorrow with his baseball
team to play against
many different countries.
he'll be gone for 3 nights.
and he needs to bring 
a gift for his host family.
i'll be visiting diptyque today.

i love perfume.
on my flight home
from boston last week
i bought the
marc jacobs
daisy perfume
at the duty free shop.
it's perfect for summer
and i just love the bottle.

when i was in boston
i had a lot of time
to read.
i finished 
the Zelda Fitzgerald story.
 i liked it..

on the plane ride to
boston i watched
what a fabulous movie
and terrific acting.
as soon as we got
to boston hannah and i 
went to barnes and noble.
i bought 
Doris Kearns Goodwins...
A Team of Rivals.
i think i'll save it for summer.

right now 
i'm reading 
the Lifeboat.
it's ok so far.
next up 
a Train in Winter..
which is supposed to be 
really good.

i also watched
Cheerful Weather for the Wedding
on the flight.
i had read the book 
this past winter..
it was such a 
lovely movie!

hannah getting ready
for her procedure.
little did we know
we wouldn't be leaving
the hospital that night
she was such a trooper.
(and my iphone camera
is blurry)

finally after fasting
for 3 days!
not the greatest 
hospital food.
all she wanted 
was bertucci's 
mac and cheese.

keeping busy
making friendship

flower delivery 
from aunt hilly!

pet therapy dog
makes the rounds.
and balloon delivery
from max and maya!

view from our hotel.
again with the 
crappy camera phone.

mothers day breakfast
at the hotel.
hannah wrote me a 
beautiful letter
and made me
a bookmark.
we had a wonderful
mothers day.

more crappy camera photos..
griff dressed like a little french boy.

steve flies to boston tomorrow
to pick up hannah.
looking forward to sunday
when we're all together again.


  1. Hannah is adorable Pam and you are so right..a trooper! Griff is so sweet and..all boy! I hope Hannah is recovering well. Your travels sound like mine..books and movies. I like your selection and am always up for a book by Doris Kearns Goodwin..she is a quintessential American storyteller in my books. I recently finished Serena by Ron Rash..and really enjoyed it. I left a message for you on my post...thx so much for your comment.. xx

  2. So glad to hear Hannah will be coming home soon!
    I have many book suggestions to send you.......

  3. Wonderful news regarding Hannah.Love the shot of her with the service dog.

    I just finished The American Heiress.....a good read about a Newport socialite going to England in the late 19th century ....her Mother's idea....to find a man with a title to marry.

  4. So happy to know Hannah will be home soon...I always love your book suggestions...I'm reading The Great Gatsby right now!! I need to finish watching Cheerful Weather for the Wedding..I started it. Ok..and I spy the Louis V everfull..you did NOT??? You did??? I'm sooo jealous!! xoxo

  5. Love visiting your blog. So glad that Hannah is doing better. I agree there is nothing better than a dyptique candle as a gift. You have reminded me that I have not treated myself to one recently and I must get on that. I may give Fresia a try - what is your favourite scent? I have had Baie and Cannelle and loved both. We share many of the same perfumes - i bought myself coco mademoiselle on my whirlwind one day trip to Paris. We quickly went into Gallery Lafayette and since I had some birthday money I made a quick decision (did not want to waste the day shopping) to purchase it. Now when I put it on and smell coco mademoiselle I think of Paris. Griff dressed like a little french boy is adorable.

  6. Diptyque is my weakness and temptation too... I adore the candles! xv

  7. The best exotic marigold hotel is a sweet enjoyable movie... always love your book recommendations. Good luck to Hannah

  8. How in the world have I missed all of your recents posts?! Just now catching up.... I'm so glad that Hannah's better. She's so beautiful, Pam. And such a sweet and loving girl. And Griffy's petit garçon francais look is adorable!