Saturday, May 25, 2013

Trying to be French

i've been thinking
that i'm just not 
a high heeled wearing
kind of girl.
oh..believe me..
it's not that i don't want to be
or haven't tried.
i just think my feet were
made for let's say...

i bought these 
lovelies from j.crew recently
during a 30% off sale.
i had them shipped to my mom
on the vineyard back home in the states..
because the shipping is like.. more than
the shoes.
when i was home in boston with hannah,
my mom brought them up to me.
i practiced walking all over my hotel room..
all over hannah's hospital room.
(i took this picture lying down
on my hotel bed..
looking lovingly up at them).

figuring i had it down..
my sister and i hit the mall
while my mom visited with hannah.
the minute i stepped outside
i thought..
i should really go back up 
and put my flats on.
but no.
i was determined.
within minutes blisters were forming.
we stopped and had lunch
and my feet regrouped.

i left my sister to the ladies room
and started walking towards 
the shops.
i had to keep stopping..
to rest my feet.
no joke.
i was pretending to be on a call
or texting.
(go ahead and laugh..
i had to sit on one of those mall benches
to stop the pain.

my sister somehow passed me
in the mall
which turned into a big joke.
i met her at j.crew
and walked straight back to the 
shoe department.
the salesman said..
you look like you're in a bit of pain.
i took the shoes off
and bought another pair.
(not the same ones!)
but a cute pair of 
low heeled sandals..
that i love.

fast forward to a few days ago.
blisters are heeled.
i try practicing in them again.
for crying out loud..
they're not stilletos!
i spend two hours in them
on sunday..
prancing around my kitchen 
making chicken tarragon.
i'm feeling confident
i can be like these
french women!

the next day
i wear them up the street
to the food market.
literally a 5 minute walk.
i swear i was looking for a cab
to drive me back down the street.
not only did the original blister
but now i have two new ones.

i'm not giving up.
but for now..
they might make cute 


  1. You are hilarious!
    I cannot walk in heels for long either.
    I see women in high heels in NYC all of time, and I think "how?"
    Maybe you should stick with below 3 inches --or like me and stick with nothing much higher than 2 inches. Ha, ha!

  2. Are you wearing any type of footie or ped? They look pretty low cut at the toe so this may not be possible. If I wear any type of I closed shoe with a bare foot...even a pair of flats I get a blister.

  3. I gave up a long long time ago for the same reason-and also because I felt like a giraffe towering over everyone. They DO make cute book ends!

  4. Those are great shoes! Don't give up!! I loved this post since I have been there and done that. It is so funny what we go through.
    I do have to say they make pretty amazing bookends to for your Persephone books though.
    I am going to the store next week~looking forward to it and I will report (blog) about it.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I so envy June cleaver! I want to wear heels and pearls but within minutes the blisters are screaming and the baby is tangled in pearls threatening to spill all over the floor. You are so cute!

  6. So funny! I get blisters every time I wear shoes without socks or tights. Every time - flats or heels. So what is a girl to do? I wear sandals in the summer, mostly flat, but every so often a wedge. In the winter, I wear boots every day, so that's my boring shoe life.

    Your heels make lovely book ends...just saying.

  7. this is hilarious! i've been trying to pin your feet from instagram to my style board and haven't been successful. voile!!! this worked. so happy to hear hannah is on the mend. xx fanci

  8. The secret is wearing hosiery, which is so not "in" any longer, except for the Winter months. We've gone from June(in a girdle w/ stockings) Mary Tyler Moore(in pantyhose with boots) Carrie Bradshaw(nearly commando with Jimmy Choo's)!
    Adorable post and "KICK(BOTTOM)"shoes!

  9.'ve done better than I could!! I don't know how anyone can do it. They really DO make cute bookends:))

  10. this I a hoot...tho I hope your feet are feeling soothed and comfy.
    I am dying over them as funny!
    I seem to be soaking in French these days....a friend of mine is over there a good bit of summer so am keeping up with her lovely , dreamy pics on fb.
    ANd this month's Victoria is all about France...and I read Impossibly French on the plane last was just lingerie really THAT big a deal to French women?
    but on return flight last Fri I started Paris My Sweet on my kindle.....m REALLY enjoying it and am totally drooling for pastries. Allof this quite coincidentally, but it's fun!
    SOOOO, have been thinking of you your posts, YOU, a d of course, see you in the teepee..

  11. Ha!! Too funny! I have these shoes too and while I've always worn heels without problem, these hurt! I think it may be the cut. Oh well.... They do make super stylish bookends. ;-)

  12. love the bookend picture!