Thursday, April 11, 2013

The White Shirt and My Desk

looking down my street
the other night at sunset.
(there's my pharmacy!)

there is no other piece of clothing
in my wardrobe that is worn more
than a white blouse.
i've worn them for years
and years.
i remember the first white blouse
i ever purchased..
i was with steve at an outlet
in new hampshire..
we were dating..
it was a donna karen
and i loved that blouse.
from then on
i've had many many in 
my closet.
this picture is what i look
like on most days.
white blouse,
leggings and slippers.
and apron.
if i am going out..
i pop on my boots
and my long coat.
i wear my white blouse
with jeans, dress pants
and skirts.
and i can't have too many
in my closet.
this one is from gap.

i remember watching the oscars
and loving sharon stone in this outfit.
it was 1998 and it still works today...
and probably still would 100 years from now.

pearls and french cuffs.

love this
but not sure if i could
roll the cuffs.
i need to roll the cuffs.

carolina herrara 

i love my new desk.
i moved my vintage scale
on to it and added
my paris books.

amazon just delivered
the new book about 
zelda fitzgerald.
so excited to read it!


  1. I am "so" with you about a classic white blouse! (Do you remember the old Abercrombie and Fitch?) I used to wear their men's white shirt starched with blue jeans as my weekend wear. You, my dear, are adorable in your "indoors" ensemble!
    Your desk with a view is splendid!

  2. Well, my dear Pam, since you live in Paris now, you are going to have to visit one of the Anne Fontaine boutiques pronto. She used to sell the most amazing white blouses... I hope she still does. Let me know if you find anything there. As for your amazing work space, I am quite jealous. That room alone seems spacier than ALL of my previous apartment in Paris :-) Bonne fin de semaine, Veronique (French Girl in Seattle) PS: Do tell us more about the Zelda book once you have read it, d'accord? :-)

  3. Oh how fun. Am I the only one that gets an enormous kick out of the juxtaposition of your pearls and slippers?! I love it! And true, if I had a rope of pearls, I would wear them everyday but probably ruin them with perfume. :( I too am a forever fan of white shirts (even Monoprix!) and also love your new desk. Plus we have the same mug, only with different initials of course! Pas mal, non? ;)

  4. The view down your street! I, too love a white blouse. For all the same reasons. I am loving a couple blue linen ones, these days, too. Your apron is fantastic. You are just the cutest!

  5. This look suits you so well!
    I remember that Sharon Stone look.
    I think she claimed to have thrown on one of her husband's dress shirts last minute....not sure I buy that as she looks SO put together, but it makes for a good story.
    You have got to get to the boutique French Girl in Seattle has recommended!

  6. Love the image of the white blouse with the pearls and that sassy haircut!

  7. You are a woman to love Pam!! Let's see, definitely the white shirt...and the apron! We are two kindred spirits...I have been known to pop in my car with my apron still on with my daughters screaming in horror. Once in a supermarket in England, I passed a woman in the aisle, apron on, cook book placed on her cart, reading glasses on and I was just so impressed. She could have cared less what other people thought. I wanted to hug her. If she could do it, I can do day! I wrote a post about white shirts on my style blog a few years back..same photos, we travel the same path. Now that I am a NH resident part of the year, I will have to check out the outlets and stock up. To top this off, I bought a desk, very similar to yours last month, I have the same books on Paris...on my bookshelf. I have books on Vietnam stacked around my desk..same computer..this is uncanny. The only thing that is missing...I am not in Paris! Switch? :)

    Best wishes Pam...xx

  8. The power of suggestion! your blog and pulled my white shirt out of the closet when I got dressed! Cute blog.

  9. I too love a good white blouse but i am curious...soo many are practically see through...a flesh toned bra? a white or flesh toned cami? I know this may seem silly but i always try them on and then put back for this issue! are there secrets to wearing a white blouse well?

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