Thursday, April 18, 2013

Would You Like to Buy Some French Yogurt Cups?

so many people have emailed 
me about the french yogurt cups!
and since i can't 
sell them on etsy..
if you'd like to buy some
please just
leave a comment or email me.

i will have to charge
$65 which will include
6 cups of your choice
packaging and shipping
to the states.

to make this fun..
i'll name each style.

the ones on the top 

these are

i love these blue yogurt cups!
these are penelope.



i'm kind of thinking of 
switching to a .com
for a few different reasons.
if i do i could accept paypal.
but as of now..
it's cash or check.

if you are interested
send me an email and 
i'll send you my address.

i'm off to the market.
i'm out of yogurt.



do you know Jeanne Oliver?
i came across her blog last fall
and immediately loved it and
signed up for her Creatively Made Home
i "met" so many lovely and 
creative women through that course.
a few months later..Jeanne emailed me
asking if i'd like to do an interview with her!
since then i've taken many of her 
some are free
and some are paid courses.
i've been so inspired
by jeanne and 
her classes.

go say hi to jeanne!
i promise you 
that you'll love her!


  1. Pam,
    I hope you sell some yogurt jars!
    You can still let people pay with Paypal.
    Just give them your paypal email address and they can send you money!
    And thanks again for introducing me to Jean O.

  2. i was going to say what emily said!
    yes, use paypal just like i do ~ remember when you've sent me money via paypal? same thing.
    you can even pay your babysitter with paypal as long as she has an email address.
    i have big plans to eat yogurt when i'm there this summer so i can bring some home.
    i love them all, but the clear ones come in such pretty shapes ♥

  3. i want to order!!!! I love, love, love the sham I bought from you. It is gorgeous!

  4. I think you mean "accept" paypal...

  5. Hi Pam, I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your wonderful blog. Thank you so much for sharing with your readers. I love hearing about you experiences, sightseeing, your family, everything. I was blessed to spend 5 amazing days in Paris, April 2011, with my then 19yr. old daughter. Reading your blog just takes me right back to that beautiful city!
    FYI, I live in Ontario, Canada, in a rural area about 1 1/2hrs. north of Toronto. We have three children, two still in University and one successfully launched in a career after graduating last year. You are a delight, and thank you again for your blog.
    ps. I just watched your interview w/ Jeanne Oliver... so great!

  6. Pam, I would love to place an order of French Yogurt Cups in penelope. Could you email me at Thank you!

  7. I am interested in getting some yogurt cups. I am interested in the Sabine and Penelope. If I order more, is the shipping less? My email is


    Cindy Pierce