Monday, March 25, 2013

Paris Flea Markets and Etsy

with the temperatures 
rising even just a bit
i decided to head up to 
the marches des puces
st ouen..
the largest flea market in europe.
i hadn't been since last fall
and i was itching to get back.
and we've been looking for a
new desk.
i got such a great deal on this
desk and i love it!
it was exactly what i was
looking for.

i also picked up this 
great chair.
goes perfectly with my desk
don't you think?

i spent hours walking
around the stalls.
i picked up some other 
treasures that i'm now
selling on
come visit me!
you can find me


  1. I just popped over to your etsy shop and took a look at what you found! Simply beautiful! Just out of curiosity what are the hours the flea market is set up? We just found out where we will be staying for the first two days of our stay in France.... and I am trying to determine if I will be able to do any shopping in the evenings. OH Pam, I am so excited! In 8 days we will be boarding a plane for France....

    1. excited about your upcoming trip! The market I go Porte de Clignacourte is open Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Have fun!

  2. Nice things on Etsey but high prices. The dish towels are only 5 Euro each at the fleas....For Peggy: the fleas on Fri, Sat & Sun from 9 to 5pm; no evening. You'll find a lot of stuff for less money that people are selling them for.

  3. anonymous...thanks for visiting. sorry you feel the prices are high..but the prices are high at these flea markets as well. i sure didn't see any of those dish towels for 5 euro! if I had i would have scoffed them all up! i will tell you that my prices are not marked up much higher than what i paid.

  4. pam ~ your new desk! your new chair! can you hear me biting my knuckles?
    so glad you are on etsy! i do not think your prices are high - they are in line with other etsy sellers.
    don't let those treasures go for any less that you are happy with ♥

  5. LOVE your new desk and chair! SO excited that you're on Etsy! And just think of all the fun you'll have shopping for your shop!

  6. Love everything you purchased Pam; the desk and chair are so... perfect! If you happen to see a vintage champagne bucket, I would love to have one. So happy you are on Etsy Pam!xoxoxo Diane

  7. So glad you joined the Etsy world! I know your prices are fair and competitive. You are also taking the time to find these treasures and offering them to people who can't get to Paris! I agree, with Catie, don't let them go for less than you are happy with.

  8. I can't wait to hear how you got that desk and chair home! I have visions of you caring that chair and pushing Griffy's stroller across Paris streets! LOL It is beautiful as is your desk. Good luck with Etsy. And I agree with Em and Catie. Don't sell for less than you're happy with. Why do it if it's not at least a little profitable? Plus if you sell for too cheap you will resent it later and it won't be any fun. xoxo

  9. Lovely desk and chair. It looks perfect in your Paris living room! I'll have to check out your etsy shop! I love browsing there!

  10. Pam the desk and chair are wonderful treasures that I hope you wll bring back to the USA with you. I am so glad you are on Etsy. It's like havng a personal shopper right there in Paris. Do not sell for less than you are happy with. Time is money and it takes time to search out treasures. Make this venture fun and rewarding or why do it. xo

  11. Lovethe new desk and chair. So enjoyed the pics form Ireland...thanks

  12. Love it Pam...and I especailly love your cup of sharpened pencils :) ahhh Tracy taught us well non?? I am so excited about your Etsy shoppe...yay for you!! xoxo

  13. I would love to see the glass yogurt containers on your Etsy site! (I just read about them on another blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!) I'd buy a bunch of them!!! The table and chair look AMAZING!! What a find! ~AK in WI