Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More Ireland

this was a very last minute trip
as we were unsure if steve could
get the time off from work.
we pulled it together pretty quickly.
here is our itinerary...

we booked our car on 
the Oscar Wilde ferry
leaving from Cherbourg, France...
about 3 1/2 hours northwest of us.
the ferry was not leaving until 
9:30 at night so we took advantage
of our time and visited Normandy.

visiting the american cemetery was emotional.

i'd love to go back with the
older kids and take a guided tour.

the ferry ride from cherbourg to rosslare ireland
left at 9:30 and we arrived at around 3:30 the next day.
it was a rough ride that night
and we were all looking a bit green the next morning.

we drove from rosslare, which is south
of dublin..to cork.
we stayed in a hotel that night.
the kids loved the indoor pool.

the next day we checked out and
drove to the charming town of 

it was COLD and windy and snowing.
but the sun was out
and this being a tourist town in the summer
we had the place to ourselves.
(photo cred's to Will :)

i loved the brightly painted store fronts in kinsale.

we popped into one shop
and bought some new wellies.
we lived in our wellies in ireland!

lunch at the fishy fishy cafe
was delicious!
we had our fill of
fish and chips and seafood chowder.

and maybe a guinness. 

if you're ever in kinsale..
visit the fishy fishy cafe.
i bought their cookbook :)

full belly's
and new wellies
we headed northwest for the 
town of dingle.
(let me say that the boys
had a field day with the name 
of this town...and not just the
young boys)

we arrived
after dark at our cottage.
what a surprise the next 
morning..waking up
to a view of the  snow capped mountains,
grazing sheep all around
and the ocean.

this cottage was charming..
and cold. 
steve kept the fire going all 
night that first night
and i think the kids slept
with their coats on.

our view from the front of the cottage

view from the back

little hike up to see the sheep.

dingle also was painted brightly.
we ate lunch two days in a row
at Murphy's pub.
we loved the food,
the hospitality
and the free wi-fi.
and then went for ice cream
at murphy's.
lots of murphy's.

the next day we drove
the ring of dingle.
we followed a guide book
and it took us
most of the day.
the sights were breathtakingly

at one stop on the tour
there is an old ruined church
from the 12th century.
we got out and walked around
and as i read more from the book
it talked about an old stone that was
there 900 years even before the church
was built.
it marked a grave, indicating that this
was a pre-christian holy spot.
a hole was drilled centuries ago
through the top of the stone as a place
where people would come to seal a deal..standing on
the graves of their ancestors and in front of the house
of God, they'd "swear to God" by touching their 
thumbs through this stone.
you can still use this to renew your marriage vows..
and that's what we did.

(photo cred's to hannah :)

sun going down on 
part of the three sisters mountain range.
we loved dingle! 

more tomorrow!


  1. Oh my,it is all so beautiful. What a trip Pam! And, I have been meaning to ask if you would ever go to Normandy. My grandfather lead men there in WWII. I've been told it is very emotional to be there....

  2. Wow! What an amazing trip. I can't wait to see more. The cottage looks charming and the sights are breathtaking!

  3. SO beautiful! And I'm tearing up over the vow renewal. So sweet..... And what a beautiful memory. Can't wait to see more pictures and hear more about your trip!

  4. I am so glad that I didn't miss this--very moved by your vow renewal!!

  5. First time reader here....such great pics and what an awesome way to renew your vows! Love your blog...and the immense guts it took to move your family to Paris! I have always wanted to do that...maybe some day. Thanks for sharing it with me in the meantime! :)