Friday, March 22, 2013

Jardin du Luxembourg and Crazy Collections

will stayed home "sick" today.
it was sunny and 55
so we hopped on the metro
and went to one of my favorite
spots in paris..
jardin du luxembourg.

soon enough
those trees will be green

and the urns will be
filled with colorful flowers.

there is a really great
playground here.
you have to pay a couple of euros 
to get in
but so worth it. 
there are other playgrounds
that are free...and
puppet shows, carousels,
tennis courts,  model sailboats
to rent..
we spent hours here today.

we also went to lunch
at cafe louise on 
boulevard saint germain.
the lunch was terrific
but what i loved most of all 
was the water carafe.

i'm actually a bit obsessed
lately with the carafe d'eau.
i asked the waiter if he'd sell
me one.
he looked at me strangely 
and said no.

in ireland
steve and i started 
collecting beer glasses.

the first night in ireland
steve and i had a guinness
of course.
the glass it came in was cool
and we asked our waiter
if we could buy one.
he said..
in a great brogue..
"just take it..
everybody does"
so the rest of the trip
in each of the pubs
and with each beer we
we asked for a glass..
and they all just gave them to us!

i have started quite a few
like matches.
i don't smoke
but i love my glass jar
filling up with matches
of the restaurants
we've visited.

i know.
now when i 
leave a restaurant
i'm asking for matches,
water carafe's and 
beer glasses.
my kids are really

a couple of my new
cookbooks i can't 
wait to dig in to.

and speaking of books..
i recently finished 
jane eyre..
which i LOVED
and can't believe 
hadn't read before.
i also picked up
The Girl You Left Behind..
by JoJo Moyes.
she also wrote
Me Before You
which i went on and on about.
This one was just as good.
I loved it
and highly recommend it.

Bon Weekend!


  1. my parents used to have a GIANT {like 5 gallon size} clear glass jar FULL of matches. such a great thing to collect - small, useful, mini works of art.

  2. Loved Me Before You. I read her Last Letter from Your Lover so will look for the one you mentioned. Love "sick " days.

  3. Bon your collections so cool!

  4. I collect little espresso cups and while in Rome, I would ask to buy them also and they just gave them to me. "Sick" days are so much fun!! Happy weekend!

  5. What a great "sick" day!
    My grandmother also had two large snifter classes of matches (so 1970's--love). You will get that carafe! I just know you will! So glad you enjoyed Jane Eyre. That book really brought on my love of British Lit---so many years ago. I had the best professor at the time. She was passionate, and it was contagious! She also made me love Tess of the D'Ubervilles.