Wednesday, March 20, 2013

45 and Yes..More Ireland

after two nights in dingle
we drove north to doolin..
decked in our newly purchased 
we took a ferry and drove
scenic back roads to get there.
at one point we must have looked
a little lost 
as the driver in front of us
rolled down his window
and asked us
"where ye headed?"
he told us to follow him.
love those irishmen.

again, we arrived at our cottage
at dark
and again we awoke
to gorgeous views of the ocean
and  two wild horses in
our driveway.

doolin is well known for 
it's traditional irish music.
and the three pubs in town..
mcganns, mcdermotts, and o'connors
are where it's at.
march is a bit slow..
no music during the week
but steve and a few of the kids
were able to get out friday night
to hear some great irish music.
it was a bit late for me..
i mean griffin.

loved seeing the newton, ma 
and barnstable ma

we ate at o'connors pub 
for lunch twice it was so good.
that, and there really wasn't much
else to choose from.

griffin's pub.

we visited the cliffs of moher
in doolin.
another very cold day
but the sun was shining
and the views were spectacular.

we drove by so many 
abandoned stone houses.
i couldn't stop thinking
of the starving families
that lived in them
during the famine.

we drove through the burren
which is an area of limestone rock
covering mountains.

saying goodbye to our cottage in doolin.
we drove from the west coast to 
the east coast of ireland in
3 1/2 hours.
we stopped in waterford
for lunch before our ferry 
back to france.

we stumbled upon a small
st. paddy's day parade.
they certainly don't 
celebrate like we 
do back in the states!

we loved the sheep.
and we really loved ireland.
i hope to return someday.

i'm 45 today. 
when did that happen.
i certainly don't feel 45..
in my head i'm still 25.
griffy is taking me out to 
lunch today
and maybe to the bookstore.
i did splurge yesterday
and bought myself
clarins' double serum.
it's not cheap
but i've read good reviews
and i think it's time.

i live a truly blessed life.
i'm thankful every day for it.


  1. Hope you have a lovely birthday:) Your photos of Ireland are just gorgeous. I am originally from Cork city but I now live near Dublin! When I go home to visit family, we always make time for a trip to Kinsale:)
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Happy Birthday!! I'll be turning 44 this year so you have hit that stonemark a bit ahead of me although it sounds like you are taking it in stride!! Sending you my best wishes for a wonderful year ahead...full of health, happiness and peace.

    Your photos made me want to book a flight right now!! The first is especially gorgeous, definitely a "framer". :)

  3. Well Happy Birthday! Have fun celebrating in the sunshine. Did you know it's also Macaron Day in Paris? Maybe you can get Griffy to splurge on a few for you! Gorgeous photos of Ireland. It looks like a great trip.

  4. Happy Birthday, Pam! And I must tell you I am close behind...and I too feel much younger in my mind and heart...I am loving all these amazing experiences you and your beautiful family are enjoying together...Blessings!

  5. Happy Birthday, Pam! I had to show your pictures of Ireland to our youngest... he is smitten to say the least! Now he wants to go even more than ever and I can't blame him! We are awaiting news from the retention board... if approved than another 4 years lies ahead. if not approved then my husband will retire off of active duty next March (he already has over 20 years active duty time) and it will be the start of a new civilian career. I would also like to say thank you for all of the beautiful pictures of France as well. I still can hardly believe in 2 short weeks I'll actually be there... Paris, Normandy, and a few other stops.

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday Pam! You need no serum dearie, because you already look like you are 25!!!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!! What a great picture of you at the end! Loved looking at the Ireland pictures. I sure hope to go someday! Enjoy your lunch out with Griffin. ~tara

  8. Happy Birthday! I have been following your blog since last Fall and look forward to enjoying another "Day in Paris" each morning with my Tea. You have a beautiful family and someday will look back at this time as the best time of your life- the days of raising your children. Have a wonderful year. leann

  9. Happy birthday, beautiful pictures!