Thursday, March 21, 2013

My New Art

thank you all for 
the birthday wishes yesterday!
i feel so loved

hannah gave me this 
for my birthday.
she made it in art class
isn't she amazing?

i have such admiration
for people with artistic talent.
mainly because i have none.
hannah gets hers from steve.
i do so wish i could 
draw something!
when we're out at a restaurant,
steve will draw all kinds of 
things for the kids on the 
placemats or napkins
while we wait for our food.
when they ask me to draw
something it's basically a 
smiley face.

i love art.
i love going to museums
and learning about art.
maybe someday i'll take an art class.
until then..
i'll leave the art to the 
like my beautiful daughter.


  1. Joyeux Anniversaire en retard, Pam (English version: Happy Belated Birthday!) Thank you for the wonderful trip to Ireland. I have always wanted to go, and I feel I got to explore with your family. As for this darling and talented girl of yours, keep encouraging her talent. Like you, I am so impressed with people who can draw, or play music... Good thing the world is a diverse place with many different talents in it. Félicitations to the young artist! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Pam, everything about your life and kids are amazing to me so Hannah's talent doesn't surprise me. I can NOT draw at all...none of us can, and I too envy those who can. Your trip to Ireland looks incredible. You really saw the country side. My great grandparents came from there, and I have the red hair to prove it:) I wish I could remember what county they're from. Happy Birthday to you. You LOOK 25!!

  3. That picture is AMAZING!!! Your daughter is VERY talented!! Happy Birthday!! From AK in WI

  4. Happy belated birthday! I love your daughters art. She is talented indeed. It is a beautiful piece to be cherished. I have enjoyed reading about your trip to Ireland. It is on our ever growing list of places to go.

  5. Happy Birthday! Just wanted to tell you about a book that was reccommened to me: The Art Forger - a fictional story about the Isabelle Gardner Museum. It's suppose to be fantastic and now that you are living in Paris I think that you would love it!