Friday, March 8, 2013


i became a mother 18 years ago
and all day i reflected on that moment.
i have the worlds worst memory..
but i remember every detail of each
of my children's births.

we had a lovely family dinner
with each of us telling stephen
what we love and appreciate 
about him.

steve sent me this text yesterday.
in our days of texting and emailing..
and not much letter writing anymore..
i wanted to remember his words.

i feel like the most blessed
person in the world.
4 healthy, happy children.
a loving, hardworking husband.
the opportunity to live here in paris
and travel the world.

 tonight steve and i are
taking stephen to dinner
and tomorrow
we're off to ireland for the week!


  1. I hope Stephen had a most special birthday!
    You now have a 3rd adult in the house.
    And, I love how you have documented Steve's text here on your blog.
    You will always be able to go back and read it.

  2. Happy Birthday to you son! Enjoy your dinner and vacation! :)

  3. Pam, this is beautiful...all of it! I share the same feelings, be it here in snowy old Pennsylvania! : ) Happy Birthday to your son! Enjoy your beautiful family!

  4. Loving children come from loving parents and your son will always follow in your footsteps.
    I'm sure you all enjoyed celebrating his birthday together. Have a lovely holiday in Ireland, a beautiful place to visit, I hope the weather is kind to you.

  5. I loved this post because I always feel like our children's birthdays are for the mamas as well. I get very sentimental and love remembering all the little details of the day. You should be so proud, what a great man you have raised! Enjoy celebrating him!
    {I love the text from your hubby!}