Monday, February 18, 2013

A Soiree and Some Soup

it was a nice weekend.
plenty of sunshine,
but cold.
we walked to the playground
near the eiffel tower
and ate cotton candy.
steve and i saw ARGO
and loved it.

here is a funny story.
early last week we received 
a letter under the door.
opening it, i found
a beautifully monogrammed french
name followed by handwritten
words in french.
the only words i could
decipher were..soiree,
and samedi fevrier 16.
excited, i call steve and tell him
we've been invited to a soiree!
later that day i noticed everyone
else in the building had the same 
envelope tucked under their door.
then i started to worry.
see, we haven't really hit it off 
too well with the neighbors upstairs.
so i start to think...should we go?
will it be awkward?
i quickly dismiss those feelings and think
about buying a new cocktail dress and 
a lovely hostess gift.
as the weekend approaches,
steve takes the invite to work..
to have his french co-worker translate.
steve tells his colleague how excited his wife 
is to be invited to a soiree.
his colleague is laughing hysterically.
apparently, we aren't being invited to
the soiree.
we are being notified ahead of time
that they will be hosting a soiree for 
their son and to please excuse the noise.
you have no idea how close i was 
to going.
can you picture me knocking on the door?

i made a big pot of Smitten Kitchen's 
lentil soup this weekend.
SO good.
and SO easy.
thanks to my neighbor back
home in the states who emailed me
and told me about it.
thanks Kyle! 
miss you guys
and jealous of all the snow you've been getting!

i couldn't find swiss chard or kale
so used spinach instead.
and unless you plan on eating the 
entire pot of soup in one day..
don't add the chard/kale/spinach 
until you're ready to eat.
i am SO buying her cookbook.

i started
and finished
Someone at a Distance
this weekend..
by Dorothy Whipple.
It's one of the Persephone classics.
i can honestly say
that it's probably one of the best
books i've read.
i do have quite a few favorites 
but this one is right up there.
i have never had such strong
feelings for the characters in a book before.

i've read two of the Persephone books
so far...and looking forward to more.

happy monday!


  1. I'm sorry I had to smile about the soiree... that would so be me! The Smitten Kitchen cookbook... probably the best investment I made last year. Seriously, I haven't made a recipe yet that my family doesn't love, or at least like really well. The raspberry ricotta scones is their favorite recipe, even though we typically substitute in blackberries (raspberries are currently not available in our area.) We also make our ricotta from the recipe off her blog as our local source is simply the subpar supermarket variety. It you can get good ricotta locally, by all means buy it! (I miss having a good grocery store where we can buy quality ingredients!)

    Have a wonderful day! And week for that matter!!

  2. Oh Pam...hysterical!! I am so glad Steve had it translated for you...the thought of you dressed and knocking on their door...their crazy American neighbor!! I have never even been to Smitten Kitchens blog...must check it out. I finished Cheerful Weather and ordered Someone at a Distance....can't wait!

  3. I just ordered the book. I can't wait to read it as you never steer me wrong. I am laughing about the party. Now that would have been a story.
    miss you. xoxoxoxo!

  4. I love what Dawn said about the "crazy American neighbor"! That would have been hysterical. I think you need to plan another trip so you can be away for all the noise!

  5. Love your story...what a riot!!!! Ok, I am all over your book recommendations. Getting it NOW!!!!

  6. OH my. Yes, what if you had showed up? I'm sure you would have been invited right in!
    Smitten Kitchen does a fantastic job! Haven't tuned in for years now that I eat no meat.
    Love to hear what you are reading!

  7. I love the Smitten Kitchen's blog!! You MUST try her swiss buttercream frosting and her birthday cake recipe.... they are lovely and I enjoy making it again and again and again! :-) Love your people watching pictures and such, I know I'd be doing the exact same thing. :-) Happy Friday!

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