Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prom Weekending

Saturday night was the prom.
Stephen had a great time.
He went with the sweetest girl!

Steve and I laughed about how old we'd be
when Griffin goes to the prom.

And remember last year?
I love our towns tradition of
the red carpet.

it was born out of some tragic events.
In 1985 there were a series of deadly car accidents,
killing 6 high school students.
Since then, our community has come together
each year to keep our children safe on prom night.
It starts with a mandatory prom meeting for parents.
There is a speaker who comes to talk
with the parents and this years' was amazing.
Chris Herren spoke to the high school kids
during school. Stephen came home and said,
"Mom, you have to listen to this guys story"
He had such an effect on the kids
and the adults.
On Prom day
the kids walk down the red carpet
in front of the whole town.
Contrary to what you may think,
the walk is not to show off fancy dresses
and tux's.
It started so the kids would have to 
walk in front of the community and show
that they were going into the prom sober.
And it doesn't stop there.
The parents I know go to great lengths
to make sure their kids have fun after the prom..
but are safe.

And each year
the kids get pretty creative as to
how they arrive to the Prom.

Loved her dress!
So Mad Men!

Go carts!

The Prom theme this year
was Candy Land.

Love this!

Stephen and his date
getting ready to walk the red carpet.
 He looks so grown up.

So cute!

Hi Kassie!

Probably the last time these kids
ride a bus to school!

Love that he's holding an 
American flag

Love his look!

So pretty Kass!!

He had a great time.
His last prom here.
A bit bittersweet.


  1. What a great sense of community! I wish all cities had such great support of their youth and citizens.

  2. I wonder if they have prom in Paris????? He looks so handsome. xoxo

  3. Oh I know you will miss this! Maybe you'll be back in time for Griffin to walk the red carpet...and you'll still be young!
    What a wonderful tradition...and for the parents of those kids who died to know that their deaths as tragic as that...have probably saved other young people from accidents and injury.
    They both look stunning!

  4. all of it gives me goosebumps!!! wow, Stephen looks so much older in the last few months!! Love this whole idea of how they arrive...what a great way to turn a tragedy into a fun tradition. You are an awesome momma and blogger! hugs, cathy

  5. Loved this post - Stephen looks so handsome! My daughter had her prom this past weekend also. She and her friends rode to prom on a tractor pulled hay wagon :) I volunteered for the after prom party and stayed up WAY past my bedtime, but it was fun. Thanks for sharing.

  6. i loved this post last year too pam!
    what a beautiful little couple and griffy hanging on is the sweetest.
    the story is chilling...and powerful.
    have a happy day pam

  7. Such a cool (but sentimental) tradition-it seems like every town should do this.
    And I love Stephen's date's dress...pretty and classic and tasteful. (And Griffy looks so cute standing next to them!)
    Hope you are doing well!

  8. Honored you linked my blog post on Chris Herren. Loved reading about the Prom tradition in your town and at your son's school. Your town turned a tragic event into an annual event of fun, significance, education and meaning.

  9. I love the way YOUR town "does" prom. SO wonderful. Stephen is a looker! Love his date's dress! Hip yet modest. Not over the top!