Thursday, May 3, 2012

I've been...

....wasting a ton of time on Pinterest.
Good Lord it's addicting.

....allowing Griffin to eat too much Nutella.
He no longer bothers to put in on the graham cracker.

....missing Steve. Again. He's been gone since last 
Wednesday. India, Dubai and the Maldives. 
Seriously? The Maldives?
He's in the air on his way home.
Probably all tan
and I'll hate him for that.
Ok..not really.

....on Facebook.
Hannah is now on it.
Which means I am too.
Wanna be my friend? a bit of a conundrum.
I'm considering L'ecole maternelle 
for Griffy in the fall.
Every child starting at age 3 is eligible 
to start preschool in France...for free.
Ok. So the free part is pretty great 
but not the reason why I'm thinking about it.
Here's the breakdown..

Griffin will be fully immersed in the French culture...
the language, the socializing, the FOOD! He will eat well! 
It's free. I think I mentioned that.
It's  4 days a week..8:30-4:30
(I could be fully immersing my own self in the French culture)

It's 4 days a week..8:30-4:30..
Griffin has a hard time with me being in the next room
with out him.
He needs to be fully potty trained. (probably the deal breaker right there)

Do I wait another year
or just bite the bullet
and send him?


  1. my humble opinion: send him.
    if it were here in the states, i'd wait.
    but, l'ecole maternelle!!!!
    i think your entire family should soak up every single bit of france without hesitation.
    GO FOR IT!
    potty training bootcamp begins NOW!!!

  2. one more tip:
    pee in the potty = a spoonful of nutella

  3. I agree, go for it!
    This will be good for him, and you.
    It will be hard at first, but I think you will both end up loving it.
    Great advice on the potty training Catie!

  4. Bite the bullet...he will never have another opportunity like this again.....he will thrive!!!! and you will get time alone in France!!!! Bonus!

  5. I say follow your gut! We mommies know what to do, it's is a matter of doing it. My hunch is that moving is a huge transition on its own for Griffy, you two can explore in other ways, ie mommie groups, church groups, and expat programs!

  6. Well Pam, the faster he is fully emerged in the language the quicker he'll pick it up..... but then again, you'll be there for a few years so what's the rush? :-) Happy deciding!

  7. The whole language thing seems super enticing...but I don't know, 830-430 seems SO long for a little boy. Ahh, that is a hard one. I don't think you will regret soaking him up for one last year though. I swear once they are off to school they just grow up more. ???? We are all so much help, huh.

  8. Pam,
    I had another thought.....can't you take him just 2 days a week vs. 4?
    Baby steps?

  9. I know what you mean about Pinterest....that's my go-to place to escape.:)

  10. Oh those decisions are so hard to make... what an opportunity for him... oh so hard for you... I'm sure you'll figure it out! I haven't tried out pintrest yet... I've got to! Enjoy your week, tara

  11. SEND HIM! 10000000%! What an absolutely incredible opportunity for him to easily learn a new language and culture. be given that opportunity! If he can't stand it, stop. But what an opportunity!!!

  12. Wow - that's a long day for a preschooler. I don't think I could handle it and my kids are late potty trainers too. Too bad it's not two half days or something. I will pray for your discernment. I know you'll do what's best for your family <3 And I friended you on FB :)

  13. Send him! He will love it! And does he have to go all four days? Maybe some flexibility there would help with the decision. Oh, and I'll be your facebook friend.... I want to see everything of Paris I can!