Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paris Sky and In My French Kitchen

this is the view from my desk.

and this was the view out that window
late yesterday afternoon.
the sky here in paris
is just what you'd imagine..
a beautiful blue/grey.
now, i love a blue sky sunny day
just as much as the next person..
but in paris..
i love it like this.

dinner last night.
tomato/leek tart.
along with a salad
 a glass of crisp white wine..
and maybe a chocolate chip cookie
for desert..

griff and i have the whole 
day in front of us.
a beautifully cool,
grey sky day in paris.
i wonder
what we'll do today?

J'aime le ciel de Paris.


  1. If it is warm enough, I bet Griff would like to sail a little toy boat in the pond at the Tuilries.

  2. That tomato leek tart looks divine. I don't suppose you'd share the recipe with us? I love how much you obviously appreciate every little thing about living in Paris. Thank you again for sharing the beauty.

  3. The view from that window is CRAZY GOOD!!!!!

  4. Wow......... that's so awesome look through the kitchen window.

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