Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Embarrassing moment # 345 and In My French Kitchen

I don't think a day has gone by
since moving here,
that I haven't completely humiliated myself somehow.
Yes, "my French" is probably the most common, 
but taking the metro is coming in at a close second.
I have a 3 year old so if I want to get out and 
see Paris, then a stroller is a must.
And let me just say..
strollers and the metro don't mix.
Or rather the stairs up and down 
to the metro.
I guess this is why I don't see strollers
very often on the metro.
I think my 3 year old is the only 3 year old
taking the metro...
all the other 3 year old French kids are 
at L'ecole maternelle.

Anyway, the other day I was picking up our 
dry cleaning in our neighborhood.
While I was waiting in line
I noticed a woman getting her hair done 
in a salon across the street.
The stylist was doing such a fabulous
job on her hair that I got it into 
my head that I wanted him to do my hair.
Now, it was raining out and 
I was not only pushing Griffin in 
his trike,
but pulling my shopping cart,
carrying my dry cleaning and an umbrella.
We stumble across the street and walk into 
the salon.
And here is how it went down....
Man: "blah blah blah"
Me: Bonjour! Parlez-vous anglais?
Man: "A little bit"
Me: I'd like to make an appointment.
Man: No.
Me: No?
Man: No.
Me: No? (with a quizzical look on my face)
Man: NO!

Everyone in the salon went silent and stared.
So, I grabbed my kid and all my crap
and stumbled out of there.
Dropping half my crap on the way out.
I'm really tempted to go back and try again.

It's so good to be cooking again!
After weeks and weeks and weeks of
living out of hotels and eating out 
3 meals a day...I'm enjoying 
being back in the kitchen.
I'm very lucky to have a great kitchen here..
although, I really wish I shipped more of my things.
I miss my kitchen aid and my waffle iron and my 
panini maker and my plates and bowls.
Anyway, Steve and I are still trying to stick 
to no carbs/sugar/wine/coffee during the week.
So, we are eating lots of fruits and veggies.
I made a ratatouille the other day.
So yummy over some quinoa.
I'm also roasting tomatoes on a daily 
basis. Also good by themselves or over some

On this weeks menu:
Lentil soup
Tomato/Leek tart
Coq au Vin
Ok, the tacos don't really fit in but
I have 4 kids.

We've found a little store that sells crafts!
Looking forward to building a stash of craft supplies!
Speaking of..
I made a new friend!
(she's very crafty!)
We found each others blogs
and we live near each other.
She has 4 kids...3 that go to
the same school as mine.
And she invited me over next week!
Check out her sweet blog...
Looking forward to meeting up Nicola!

My first amazon package!
2 new movies for Griffy
and 3 books for me.
Looks like it'll be a great rainy day in Paris!


  1. So funny about the hair salon-what the heck? I would have ran out of there also! Griffy looks so cute with his art. Glad you are doing well!

  2. Yes Pam, go back to the salon. You need some time to yourself......and get extra pretty!
    So glad you are going to meet a new friend, and your food looks delish!

  3. Pam I found you through Paris & Beyond. I too lived abroad, but with just one small child. I would love to follow you and see how you do it :) Janey

  4. I'm loving all your Paris posts, Pam....but the salon story is my fav so far!

  5. Look at you having your toddler do art on paper and not on the bedsheets ;) So organized! Thanks for the shout out. So looking forward to meeting you in person. Oh, and don't give up on the French haircut. It will be worth it. Maybe 'No' was the only English word the guy new?!!

  6. You made me laugh about the hairdresser... Go back! I am sure he was saying that he had no 'rendezvous' right then... You need to book in!! You want a 'coupe'... go for it! xv