Monday, September 24, 2012

Paris Weekending

Our weekend was busy and wonderful.
Friday night Will started soccer and then went to a 
friends' house in the suburbs.
Stephen stayed after to watch a game
and then he and his friends took the train
to Chipotle. 
I'm amazed at how quickly my kids have gone
from driving and being driven everywhere...
to taking trains, buses...all by themselves!
I think they like city life.

Saturday Steve took Will 
back out to school for another soccer practice.
Hannah, Griffy and I took the train
to Les Puces...(translates to The Fleas).
The largest Flea market in the world.
We were there for hours and didn't see
half of it.
I can't wait to go back.

Again with the "NO PHOTOS!"
So I snuck a few with my iphone.

My purchases...
keep in mind I have to lug this stuff 
home on the train...while pushing a stroller.
I love my cafe au lait bowls!
My friend Em suggested I start a collection.
I found some linen with my initials..
the old farine and date canisters
and wire basket for magazines.
I bought the toile paper...
because I just loved it.
Still trying to figure out what to do with it.
Maybe frame it.

Saturday night
my handsome husband took me out 
to dinner.
We had a great time.
It's so hard to choose 
which restaurant to go to!

On Sunday we all took the train 
to Le Marais.
Oh do I love this part of Paris!
We went in search of La'falafel.
Ok..seriously...probably one of the best
things I've ever eaten!
There are a bunch of these falafel places
here..with lines filling the streets.

Everyone is walking around eating their falafels.

I really wish I had taken a better picture.
I was too busy eating.

When you finally make it to the window..
you had better know what you want.
(think soup nazi from Seinfeld).
It's pretty comical actually.
I'd like to make this a Sunday ritual.

Griffy had fun chasing the pigeons.

We continued walking through out 
Les Marais and stayed to listen 
to this jazz band for quite a while.
We bought their CD we loved them so much.
(notice the Praise Be To Prada graffiti :)

I'm seeing these oxford shoes 
all over the city right now.
I love them with cropped jeans.
I think I need a pair.

Heading home, we walked along the Seine...
enjoying the many booksellers.

A few people have asked me about 
my French.
I have no French so I cannot even use 
the words My and French in the same sentence.
Steve has a language tutor at work
and the children are learning at school.
We bought Rosetta Stone and are waiting for that 
to arrive so I guess I'll start there.
I get by on a daily basis with the basics...
however, I want to learn more.

Another fabulous weekend in Paris!


  1. Looks sooo wonderful, Pam...and that picture of Griffy...just made me smile : ) You are awesome getting around like that without any French! Wow! Have a great week...

  2. Sounds great - and familiar! I love living in Paris too!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! Beautiful pictures.

  4. It's official I am totally jealous. I look for your blog everyday to see what great things you are doing. xoxoxoxo!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing all of this. It's wonderful, lucky girl! xo Dianne

  6. I could come live there too since you dont know french WISH!!!
    what a wonderful weekend Pam!!

  7. I love that you still take photos even when they tell you not to, Pam. And I'm a total rule-follower so that's sayin' somethin'. It makes me so happy that you seem so happy there.