Friday, September 7, 2012

E. Dehillerin

E. Dehillerin has been on my
"go to" list for years.
I'm a big Barefoot Contessa fan...
shipped all of her cookbooks here with me
and Ina talks a lot about how she loves
to buy her kitchen supplies here.
There is a picture of Ina in her 
"Barefoot in Paris" cookbook
at Dehillerin and I just had to get there.
I was on a mission to buy a Le Creuset dutch oven
as I did not ship any of my cook/bake ware with me.
We had done some back to school shopping
back in the states at an outlet mall and I thought
hard about just buying one there and carrying it with 
me on the plane.
I'd heard that Le Creuset was actually 
more expensive here in Paris.
Anyhoo...I didn't end up buying one in the states.
So...lately, I'm missing my dutch oven in the kitchen
and I decided today was the day to make the trek to
E. Dehillerin.

Griffy and I get on the metro..
then the RER
and then can't find our way out of the 
Chatelet/Les Halles metro station.
I was literally lost inside the station.
We make it outside
and now Griffy is hungry 
so of course we stop at a cute little cafe
for lunch.

we walk 
and walk 
and walk
and then there it is.
I swear there were angels singing in my head.

I'm just going to say it...
It didn't really do it for me.
Maybe it's because I had a 3 year old
and a stroller to park
and it was 
with American tourists
looking for Le Creuset
just like me..
and oh by the way...
they don't sell Le Creuset.
Maybe I just had really 
high expectations.
I don't know.
But it's basically like a warehouse.
Yes..they have a really amazing 
selection of copper cookware
and any kind of bakeware you could imagine.
But darn it
I wanted a Le Creuset in all the pretty
colors you see in William/Sonoma.

I go downstairs and check out 
their Staub selection.
And after I get over my 
depression of not coming home 
with a bright orange Le Creuset..
I buy

this baby.
A red 4.25 qt. Staub.
And I love it.
And tonight..
in honor of Ina..
I made her spaghetti sauce.

Some girls get excited
over Louis Vuitton...
nice cookware does it for me.

It was a good day in Paris.


  1. Pam-

    I am so happy to see that you finally made it to Paris and that you are posting so often. You are living my Parisian dream. Each post has me feeling like I am right there. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Your pictures are beautiful.

  2. Really fun story Pam!
    Hope you make it to Shakespeare and Co. (remember in The Paris Wife and A Moveable Feast?)
    It's not the original spot, but you still must get there and report back for me!

  3. I love all your stories...funny how we have this idea in our head of what we expect, and then it just doesn't quite live up to it..but I am so glad you got your pot!! I bet that stroller was h.e.a.v.y on the way home :)
    p.s. One of my friends is an author and goes to Paris frequently and hosts writing workshops at Shakespeare and Co..she says it IS all it is cracked up to be!!

  4. Always great to read about you and Griffy's adventures, Pam. And I thought I was doing well just getting back from a trip to the grocery store with Flynn! : ) Your sauce lokks wonderfulll!

  5. What a bummer for you! All that anticipation and excitement and then boom, major tourist trap. I don't have a Le Creuset dutch oven as I use my all clad pans for everything, but I'm asking for one for Christmas, as I love all the pretty colors and it would make my soups and stews look so pretty on the blog. I do have a grill pan from Staub and I love it.

    I love Barefoot as well. She really has nailed it with easy, uncompleted and family approved recipes. Happy cooking :)

  6. That pizza looks amazing, and I adore your Paris kitchen!

  7. Oh, Pam! I'm with you....Cookware does make my heart sing. I have a little collection of Le Creuset and love it as well. However, I must tell you that I also covet COPPER!!!! Oh, I'd probably have been hyperventilating at their copper selection!!!!!! :D

    Yesterday I went to a friends house (for the first time) and there displayed on a cart in the kitchen was a beautiful display of copper pots from France. I'm telling you, angels were singing the Hallelujah chorus in my head!!!!! So, I totally "get" your story!!!

    I must also echo, that the pizza that you and Griffy shared looks A*MA*ZING!!! YUM!!!! I also love the little peek into your kitchen. It looks so warm and welcoming and filled with light.
    Thanks for taking the time to share your days in Paris with all of us!!!!
    Big Hugs~

  8. I'm the exact same way! I walk into the Apple store and lean against a table watching other people ooh and ah-patiently waiting to fawn over whatever Williams-Sonoma has newly displayed-it's my happy store!