Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This past week we've...

celebrated Will's 10th birthday!
went to the fair
took a sightseeing cruise on the Seine
had an emergency room visit
visited many many cafe's
walked through the Jardin du Luxembourg
had the children' portraits done
moved out of our hotel
and into our new flat!!
spending mornings at Starbucks for coffee and free wi-fi
drove through the Loire valley
finished the lengthy school paperwork for ASP
also finished the lengthy paperwork for our bank account here..
(Steve said he's closed on houses that were less involved)

oh i'm sure there are things i'm forgetting.
these days we're making plans to travel back to the states
next week.
Steve's work visa was screwed up (WTF)
we will make the best of it 
and spend time on the Vineyard with our family,
do some back to school shopping,
get some haircuts,
stock up on a few things to bring back (razors, ziploc bags :)
and close on our house.

we love Paris!

i'm on instagram now..
it's been a great way to be in touch with 
our friends and family back home..
pamdu is my instagram name :)


  1. Sounds like it hasn't been boring! :)

  2. Just curious...when does a 'school year's start in France?? Do they run Sept-June. Or do they run semesters or trimesters?? Was wondering.
    Love your blog!!

  3. What a whirlwind!!!
    Enjoy your time back in the states, and I'm glad to hear you sold your home.
    Things are all coming together, non?

  4. Just so you know--I've been reading and enjoying just no time for commenting. I'm so glad you're seeing the good in your adventure--eat a pain du chocolat just for me, please? Thanks in advance.

  5. Sounds fun Pam! (not the ER visit (hope everything is ok) or the visa or paperwork stuff:)

  6. busy busy busy...I love the part about visiting lots of cafes :)
    so glad your house sold too! have fun back in the USA!! xoxo

  7. Oh, Pam!!! Sounds like a glorious week! I can't wait to follow you on instagram. :)

  8. pamdu! If you're private on instagram, just tried requesting you. I am vavajava! :)
    Love your life, durl! xoxo

  9. Pam where are you?? Miss you durl...xoxox

  10. know you must be swamped. just wanted to let you know you r on my mind.
    anne (aka fanci)