Monday, September 19, 2011

Puppy Weekending

Hannah, Will and I drove to Maine
Thursday afternoon.
We spent the night in a hotel
and had ourselves a mini-vacation
before we went to get the puppy on Friday.
If you're ever looking for a Golden retriever
get one here !
If you were a puppy wouldn't you want to live here?
It's so beautiful up there.

After a 5 1/2 hour drive home
he met the rest of the family.
And the neighborhood!

We even brought him to the annual
Mass on the beach Sunday!
(which usually is on the beach, not the parking lot
but the tide was too high)
See if you can find him!

After Mass.
He is a total chick magnet.

He is my little buddy.
He follows me around and is right by my feet while 
I'm at my kitchen sink.
I'm trying not to over do the love for him
as Griffy was not feeling like the center of attention this weekend.

Yes he is cute.
And yes he kept me up ALL night the first night.
But, he's already started to settle into his crate and sleep better.

Ziggy is a part of our family now..
although, some people in our extended families are already
taking bets to see if he outlasts the last one.


  1. adorable...looks so cute at mass...and what a great idea to have mass on the beach...lovely! love these sweet pics of your fam & the puppy :) hugs, cathy

  2. I have faith that you are going to make it this time. kisses to Ziggy!!

  3. Ziggy. That seems to fit him well.
    Good luck. I've never been able to do a puppy. Both of our dogs were adopted as adults, so all the hard work was over.
    And Brad still wants to kick Roxy to the curb at least five times a week.

  4. Ziggy is adorable Pam!
    Love the Mass on the beach tradition. What a great way to end Summer.

  5. only gets better and better....hang in there
    Andrea @Big Creek Cottage

  6. Mass on the beach? I would be in heaven! And what a great way to end the summer. Ziggy is adorable!!!

  7. nothing more precious than a golden retriever pup - I could just eat him up!!

  8. Ziggy is so cute!! I'm happy you have a new puppy. They are so much fun. Pam, your family is as beautiful and sweet as ever. I'm so glad I "stopped by" to "see" you!
    love, Eileen