Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Too Go Bus...

...That's what Griffy has cried all morning.
He really misses the kids.
After the last one got on the bus
we went for a walk on the beach and to the playground.

Stephen...a junior this year.
That simply cannot be right.
Hannah..8th grade.
Last year of middle school.
She is on the BEST team this year!

And Will...4th grade.
With an AWESOME teacher too!

Although we were sad to see our summer end
I think it's going to be a great school year.

Happy back to school!!


  1. Your blog header makes me want to buy the house next door, Pam! Glad your summer was so great and hope you enjoy having Griffin to yourself once again :)

  2. As hard as it is on the little ones, I love the time I have with just them during the day.
    Will's in 4th grade? Wow.

  3. I just LOVE where you live! It is so pretty. And love the blog header and we will never ever let Griffy go off to school so he might as well stop asking. He will be little forever. :)

  4. We've already been in school for a month, so my summer seems long gone. Enjoy your alone time with Griffy and the new pup!

  5. "i too go bus" is just killing me.
    mr. g, you are the sweetest ♥

  6. Sweet Griffy. That breaks my heart! :(

  7. "I too go bus" tugged at my heart. Cute little guy. We have to hang onto all these days when our little people wrap their arms round our legs, sit in the kitchen sink. (I love that the sink is his hang-out.) You're a good mama.

  8. Happy back to school, yippee!!