Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Being Content

After the last kid left for school this morning
Griffy, Ziggy and I went to the beach
and had it all to ourselves.
I'm kicking myself for not packing a lunch 
and camping out there for the day.
These days are numbered for sure
but I'm glad we were able to take advantage 
of the warm sun for a couple of hours at least.

I've found that 
the older I get
or maybe it's the growing 
with each child I've had..
I've become content.
I wasn't so much in the early years
of my mothering.
I seemed to be always wishing
away my days.
For a husband who was home more 
during our military days.
For a bigger house.
To live somewhere else.
And in those early years 
of mothering 
I was alone.
A lot.
We were always living somewhere
far away from home and relatives.
Steve was always in training
or in the field
or at war.
I wished so much for a friend.
Someone I could relate to and chat with
over tea or a glass of wine
about mothering.
Many moves
and children later
I had that.
Lots of friends and playgroups 
to fill my days.

Oh I wish (there's that wishing again)
that I could go back to my
young mothering days
and say to myself...
these days are numbered.
Stop wishing the day away.
And be content.


  1. I wish I could go back and do the same. Great post, Pam.

  2. That video of Griffy is sweet! I try very hard to be content. I think I have learned a lot in the last few years from so many other moms. I'm realizing more and more how these precious days are numbered. This post is a great reminder!

  3. I couldn't agree more Pam! I'm 26 weeks now, and I'm not going to wish one day away with this one! They grow so fast. It's so comforting to feel content, and it's a choice really.

  4. You said it perfectly Pam. I wish too that I could go back and tell me as a young mother so many things. I wish I didn't listen to everyone tell me that Anna should learn how to fall asleep in her crib. I wish that I let her sleep with us as long as she needed. Why did I listen to friends, my pediatrition? I should have listened to her heart. That's my big one I wish I could go back and redo. Believe me I've rocked her at 8 and don't care! Hope your Wednesday is happy. Puppy is delicious!

  5. love this post, pam ... i feel the same and have been considering writing my "younger self" an actual letter with advice just as you've said here ... was thinking it'd make a great addition to my blog since ultimately that blog will end up my memoir of sorts ;-)
    ... ps, such a sweet video of griffy, he's adorable!!

  6. So true, Pam! I feel more and more content every day!

  7. I feel like my older kids had a totally different mother than my younger ones. Do you feel like that with yours?
    And the movie was Despicable Me. When Agnes gets the unicorn? Tucker quotes it incessantly.

  8. Being content is so much easier now isn't it?:)
    Goodness why does wisdom always have to come with age!:) I was older when I had Riley and Janey too, so i had a bit of wisdom there, but I do feel like a calmer more go with the flow kind of mom now. Ahhhh to be 35 again...
    have a happy day pam

    the video was the sweetest

  9. I always enjoy a good reminder post. I'm 41 and currently a stay home mom to a 19 mth old. Yep, I've got kids who span the age spectrum also :)Most days here at home are full of feeling content. It's those testy, trying ones that make me "wish" for something else. Then tomorrow comes, and ironically it's one of those much needed 'content' days and my wish for something else seems silly.

    New to your Blog, enjoying it.

  10. YES! I get this. I totally get this. So happy you've found content. :)

  11. This post is so encouraging! I don't know if I have EVER related to any single post on a blog more. I don't think so! Married, moved, had children away from friends and family, now have four, moved, moved, moved and moved again between my husband going to business school and his job and now we will be moving to Australia! I just can relate SO much! Gives me hope that there will come a time that we settle down and create memories.