Thursday, September 15, 2011


Steve got home last night
after 10 days in Australia and Indonesia.
I'm used to his travel schedule
as are the kids
but this was a long one.
I shouldn't complain...
all the years we spent in the military
prepared me for him being gone.

Steve brings gifts for everyone 
when he returns.
Batik's for us from Jakarta...
A rugby ball for Will from Australia..

He's also started a doll collection for Hannah...
one from every country he visits.

He always smuggles kinder eggs home too.
When we lived in Germany
our landlord, or Oma as Stephen called her,
used to give these to him all the time.
Apparently they were banned here in the U.S.
because it contained a "non nutritive object imbedded in it"
Give me a break.
Anyway, the kids love them.
A chocolate egg with a toy inside.

We're glad you're home!!


  1. BSD has brought home some of those kinder eggs too. They are so cool! Glad your hubs is back home safe and sound.

  2. how totally cool that you have these gifts coming back from all over the world via your globe trotting hubby - i love that tradition with the dolls, too ;-)

  3. I think I would like having Brad gone for one or two nights. But I couldn't handle as much as Steve travels.
    Kinder eggs are the best. Lucky kids!

  4. When my dad was in the Navy he brought us dolls from every country he visited. My mom still has them all. Welcome home Steve.

  5. I love those little Kinder eggs-that is so cute. Maybe we can start a secret underground funnel for kinder eggs to the US. :)
    I love Griffy's face in that first photo!
    Hannah is so beautiful.

  6. Sweet homecomings...and gifts are always fun! Love your streets display of patriotism. Simple and honorable!
    Cute Puppy...I know Hannah is excited for sure! It will be lots of fun.