Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Around the House

Has anyone read this?
I finished it a few days ago and can't get it out of my head.
I read it in 2 days and basically locked myself in my room to finish it.
I was up all night thinking about it
and woke up the next morning and started re-reading it!
It's that good.

Back to school for me means packing 3 lunches a day and lots of driving.
If I don't like not knowing what's for dinner by 3:00
I certainly can't stand the morning rush and asking what everyone wants in their lunch box.
So, when I make out my weekly dinner menu
I make out a weekly lunch menu too.
These days I'm up at 5:00
Stephen rows from 5:30-7:00 so after dropping him off
I come home and make lunches. 
In the dark.
Half asleep.
It's so much easier to just read off the list what everyone is having.
I can barely open my eyes at that time
let alone think.

My coffee table.
Someday it'll be stacked with interesting books
and pretty decorative things.
And I'll look back and yearn for the days when it held
card games, Farkle, and bananagrams.

Griffy's favorite seat in the house these days.


  1. I have read it and thought it was fantastic. It gave me a new perspective on challenges and I finished the book thanking God for the meager ones he has presented to me. The endurance the mother portrayed was phenomenal.

    Great book.

  2. Pam...I read Room and loved it too...I think I did it in a couple days also...I just read Tomorrow River and really liked that too.

    I am going to have to start writing down lunch menus too...why didn't I think of that...Lucy will be taking lunch to school now and I really want to try the "bento box" idea, so I need to have it planned out some :)...I remember those 5:30 days the last 3 years BUT this year I get to sleep in until 6:30...woo hoo!

    My boys played at the kitchen sink when they were little ALL the time "doing dishes" they would say...I miss those days!

  3. 5:00 ... We are feeling it too. Only my baby is getting up that time too. Of course, now it's 9 and she's already napping. Wishing I were :)

  4. Just ordered that book on Half.com.
    I just started rowing (a machine, since in AZ, not so much a sport--no real open water, if ya know what I mean), and I love it. Wish I could do it in the mornings on an open lake . . . Lucky Stephen!

  5. I believe I found my next book to read! Thanks, Pam!

  6. love the coffee table supplies
    looks like our house!!:)
    have a happy day pam

    love griffy in the sink!

  7. Love the books you pick... so I too will be reading ROOM next :)
    Read Still Alice last week. Gosh it had me thinking for days.
    5am is so early! My boys have to be at school at 7:30. So I'm up at 6 most days making breakfast, and lunches. Love being a mom though, and savoring being so needed at these early stages of their lives.

  8. Hi Pam,

    I read ROOM too....I found it compelling that when they were in the room her complete focus was on her son's health and well being....the creativity of exercises, reading etc. I was too struck by the change in her attention and distraction when they finally escaped. Amazing book...I reccomend it to everyone.

    Hope the kids are all well!!

  9. I am loving all the comments about this book! I'll reserve it at the library...sounds popular though...may be a little while before I get it.
    Love the coffee table decor. Perfect for a quick game.
    Uggghhhh....lunches...the worst part of back to school. For sure!

  10. Wow, you are up early girl! I have to write out menus too otherwise I go blank. And I'm not talking about at 5am either. :)

  11. I've seen that book around a lot lately too. I will add it to my list. I'm reading one right now but I keep boohooing, so I might toss it....A Theory of Relativity.

  12. Holy cow! Are we living in parallel worlds or what? I'm the same way with the whole packing lunches. I may need to try your schedule idea. I always wind up irritated when I can only come up with the same thing every day.

    And your games in rotation are just like ours. We love Bananagrams (appletters here...same game, different fruit bag) and Farkle.

  13. Haven't read it and wondered if it would be too dark for me. I have heard it is great though.
    Have you read "The Homemade Life"? I finished it, but didn't love it. Let me know your thoughts...