Wednesday, January 21, 2015


first of all..
let me say thank you
to all who've left comments
and sent emails inquiring of
my whereabouts.
and i'm sorry too i guess!
(to those of you i've offended..yikes!)
truth be told
i just haven't felt like blogging.
griffin was home sick quite a bit..
and hannah had some health issues
with her Crohn's..
and then stephen came home from college..
and the holidays..
and then i flew to new york..
and netflix came to france so i've spent
watching seasons 1-5 of 
Downton Abbey!
and there you have it!

i don't plan on giving up my blog.
but i have thought about making it private.
i don't know.

it's been a sad and scary time 
here in Paris.
I admit I've been taking cabs
more than usual instead of riding the metro..
we're staying home a bit more..
and for the first time ever since 
moving here 2 and 1/2 years ago..
i felt unsafe.

i do hope you all
have had a wonderful 
holiday season.
and thank you
for reading..


  1. I have enjoyed popping over via French Larkspur to read your blog and hope you continue. It's very sad to hear and read about innocent people (anywhere) just living out their normal day only to find themselves in the path of destruction. So I hope you'll let your light shine with some beauty so the majority will know that all there's still kindness, beauty and love around. Be safe and best wishes.

  2. It's so nice to hear from you. I follow you blog, love the pictures and the commentary. I am so sorry it has been a hard time. It's still one of the most beautiful cities in the world and your blog helps remind us all. Thanks.

  3. I have misses your updates too! So glad to hear you are ok and hope the family is on the mend. You have such a way with words as well as photos that keeps me always coming back for more!

    Andrea.....a reader in Boston

  4. Glad to hear you are doing well! :)

  5. You will be missed if you go private! I've been following your fam since Griffin was a baby! He still is the cutest baby I have ever seen in the blogging world! Thanks for writing! Yvonne, a reader in Texas. :)

  6. I LOVE Downton Abbey! I watch them in English with Dutch subtitles.Did you see Call the midwife? So, so beautiful.

  7. Happy to see a new post...I have missed you. I understand the thought of making your blog private. I often think the same thing. I have followed you for years and have left a handful of messages...I will miss you though.
    We are thinking of making a trip to marthas vinyard this summer and am wondering of you have any fun places to stay.
    Thank you

  8. I've missed you! Got your Christmas card back in the mail. I didn't even think about you having moved, but we got yours. Life changes and things change. Keep me posted. Hope Hannah has her Crohn's back under control.

  9. Thank you for posting, I was getting concerned. I understand why you may go private, but I will miss your blog. Your photos are lovely and it is fun to read about your adventures.

  10. Congrats on your Netflix! We are Downton fanatics here! I think you should never apologize for a blog break. It's your blog and your life and you don't owe anyone anything. I just read the comments on the last post and was appalled at some of what I read!

  11. Missed your blog! Glad all is well. Totally understand going private. You must do what you feel is best for your family.

  12. If you go private...please consider inviting your faithful followers to join...
    I have wondered where you have been...good to hear that you are OK.
    I am planning a trip to Paris this Spring and hope it will be safe to wander the streets without fear and explore the sights.

  13. I follow your blog from Australia and love seeing all your beautiful images of Paris. But as for being offended! Goodness it's your blog and your family and you should do what's right for you! Thought of you during the recent attack.

  14. I follow you from Portugal and I am glad that everything is ok. I missed your blog very much!

  15. So thankful you are ok. Understand the desire to make your blog private but will miss your posts.

  16. I've followed your blog for quite some time now (have actually spoken via e-mail in the past as we live in the Boston area as well) and love to see new posts come up on my feed - I will be so sad to see your blog go private, but understand that family and your privacy are paramount. I can also understand that you must be feeling a little uneasy with the recent events in Paris, but I have to admit that I feel that way here in Boston - and whenever I travel within the states. I think it's just a way of life for us now - especially since 9/11.

  17. Pam,

    Thank you for your posts over the years. I have a different life experience, career until age 40. Married at 36 had 2 kids and then we lived outside the U. S. for 13 years and have just returned to the East Coast of the U. S. 2 years ago. I enjoy your blog for my life experiences which are different but similar. I can understand your need for privacy and need to feel secure. We have lived in Kyiv, Ukraine, New Delhi, Seoul South Korea, and Jakarta Indonesia. I myself keep my social media private due to my husband's job, but I have friends in the same situation as myself and they blog openly. Best thoughts sent your way in making your decision. In closing I have to say, I keep coming back to your blog (certainly because of the Paris pictures and commentary) but mostly, because of your upbeat positive genuine commentary about your marriage and of course your family. Thanks. It is an inspiration when so much of social media is negative. King Regards, Ann

  18. Happy you and your family are just fine ! I thought of you most recently with the frightening events in Paris. I have read your blog for while now and missed your posts. I live in Massachusetts as you did. I hope you continue your blog for people like me who'd love to see Paris ! Best wishes, Libby Wheeler

  19. What a fun surprise! I dream of Paris- and your blog gives me glimpses and I love that! AK from WI

  20. I think everything you are doing sounds normal and wonderful. I am sure it's frightening. I think of you often. I am glad you all are safe. And if you do go private, take me. Please. I need your blog of lovely! Praying for you and thinking of you so very often. xoxo

  21. Glad you are back to blogging, or at least trying. Do it when you can. I enjoy visiting! xoxo

  22. I was glad to see the new post, but honestly have been thinking of you and your family often in recent weeks. I understand your concerns and need for privacy. I certainly have enjoyed your photo's and writing! It has fueled my desire to visit Paris, one day. You really are a bright spot on the internet and I wish you the best!

  23. So glad to see you post. I typically don't comment but wanted you to know how much I do enjoy your posts. Your posts about Paris are so enjoyable. I thought of you and yours with all that has been happening in your neck of the woods and I have said some prayers for you all. Thank you for sharing Paris with us! Hope to see more when you are able.

  24. Oh Pam.
    You are such a lovely person. I have been praying that the evil that happened in Paris has not robbed the joy from you. It has been a delight to follow our sweet All American girl embrace Paris! Our world is a scary place. We cannot let evil win. If you need to take your life more private I understand, as I too have had concerns of letting the world peer into our lives. You must do what is best for you and your family's well being.

    Just will not be long before you will be relaxing and illuminating your new Summer cottage home.
    I wish you and your family wellness, and God's blessings for a safe...and gifted 2015.

  25. I'm glad to know you and your family are safe and sound. We got Netflix for Christmas here so I understand how it keeps your busy. :) I am also a Downton fan so I really understand that!

  26. Glad to hear you're well! Your posts have and will be missed! Thanks for sharing your travels, beautiful family, as well as your amazing "views"! Take care.

  27. I have loved reading your blog posts- so fun to follow the life of an expat and see all of your travels. I would miss checking in but if you go "private" no ugly comments from me - just thank you for all I have enjoyed in your posts! We were in Normandy in September and I got weather/clothing tips from cat whom I follow on IG and I looked up at the apartments around the Tower and wondered where your great flat was :) So beautiful there. We had such an amazing visit to France last fall and have been sad and worried for everyone there. I have loved Paris most of my life and my visits have always been magical - it's sad there is such a feeling of concern now. And what do I know about French school customs but in the US I have had many conversations about keeping little boys home or "back" and no one is ever sorry that they did. Sometimes we need to let our kiddos pace themselves :) Plus he's so stinking cute - great lunch date!! Again, thank you for all the adventures and fun we've gotten to read on your blog!!! Marcie

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