Monday, September 8, 2014

Rome and The Amalfi Coast

Before I go any further..
I need to explain the 
Eviction is a strong word.
I was being a bit dramatic.
(my middle name)
We have been told to leave though.
We haven't done anything wrong.
Didn't throw a big loud party
or have been disruptive in any way.
The building will be under new 
management and they are doing
major renovations.
So..we need to move.

We flew into Paris the morning
of August 5th.
The next day we were flying 
to Rome!
This was our 3rd trip to 
Italy but first to Rome.

I don't think I'd do that again..
we were SO jet lagged.
We were walking around the Colosseum
at midnight!
The good thing was that it 
was cool at night..
and so pretty!

We stayed in the Trastevere section
of Rome.
We rented an apartment for 4 days and it
was the perfect location.

We took a lot of pictures
with iphones.

Returning to Rome
is a must.
We didn't do half of what
I had planned.
Rome in 4 days 
with 4 kids
not a great idea.
Believe me..
I'm not complaining.
We did fit in a lot and 
ate amazing food...
but I'd love to go back.
Maybe just with Steve. 

On Saturday we rented a car
and drove to Positano.
A gorgeous and nail biting 
drive along the Amalfi coast!

We stayed in a hotel in
Positano for a week..
this was our view from our

We drove to Ravello
one of the days.
We walked around this
beautiful town and 
had a fantastic lunch with 
this view!

Our days in Positano were spent on 
the beach
and eating big lunches!
In the evening we'd order pizza
and hang out by the pool.


Another day we rented a boat!
This was probably one of our favorite
I don't think I've ever seen water this color..
a beautiful deep navy blue.

another selfie from the boat!

On Saturday we drove to Naples..
returned the rental car
(which we did not need the entire week
except to drive to Ravello)..
and hopped the ferry to 

This was taken from our
balcony looking down at 
the kids in the pool!

Capri was so beautiful!
The beaches..the people watching..
the food..the fashion.
Loved Capri!

Hannah and Will
rock jumping

I feel terrible about
not taking more pictures!
Too busy enjoying ourselves.
An amazing end to an 
amazing summer.

I asked Steve recently..
"where to next?"
Although, with moving to 
a new apartment soon
and getting kids
settled into school
and me adjusting to all
of this alone time..
I think we'll stay put for a bit.


  1. It is dream-like. How very blessed your family is to be able to travel together to the most beautiful places in the world. Thank you for sharing it with us. You do not have to share any of it, yet you do... and you should never feel bad about not taking more photos. What you have shared is so beautiful.

  2. Lovely! Your sense of adventure is an inspiration to me!!

  3. What a fabulous trip! Would love to do it one day. You all look so happy and relaxed.

  4. Looks amazing! I hope you find a new apartment soon... and I hope it's easy to find and even better than the one you love now! PS evicted is evicted. If you HAVE to move that evicted. I'd be flipping out! Hang in there, tara

  5. Wow! What a holiday, and carb heaven!
    Don't feel bad about taking enough pictures! I think you captured a beautiful amount. Sometimes we are so busy taking pics, we aren't really in the moment---but as you said "we were too busy enjoy ourselves" and that is perfect in my book!

  6. As an avid follower of your amazing travels on Instagram, I have been anticipating this post! Of course, you didn't disappoint! I love your photos AND your blog! Good luck with the upcoming move...I can only imagine that will not be too much fun. xoxo

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