Monday, September 1, 2014

Our Summer in The Pink House

I can't believe I didn't take
one picture of the house
we rented all summer!
Maybe it's because every time
I looked out the window 
there were a MILLION 
other people taking a picture of the house.

This is it!
We rented
"The Pink House" for 5 weeks
this summer.

We LOVE being 
in the Campground !
Staying here is such a nice
balance to our life here in Paris.
We're able to walk to 
the market and the harbor
and Stephen can walk to work.

We arrived on the Vineyard
on the last Sunday in June.
A few days later we celebrated
Hannah's 16th birthday!

So bummed that I can't fix the
red-eye in this picture!
We took Hannah to the 
Sweet Life Cafe for dinner
with my mom.
It was such a lovely evening
and we got to sit outside
under the twinkling lights.

Hannah and her cousins
trying out the 
paddle boards.

Out to lunch at the 
Sandbar with my dad
and some of the cousins.
Hi dad!

I regret I didn't take 
many pictures this summer.

I also didn't cook much at all
this summer!
We spent many meals here
at my mom's house.
My mom also hosted a
"Carnival"..which we hope will
become a yearly event..
and that Steve can attend next year!

The Carnival was a blast!
Complete with tiki bar..
games for the kids
and amazing food!
Can't wait for next years' mom!
(and next year we'll have a group picture!)

We had a great day at the 
beach the next day.

This has become an annual game..
and we're always the loudest family on
the beach.

We don't see our family
during the year.. we soak up as much as 
we can during those 5 weeks.

A rainy Sunday afternoon
spent at the Lookout Tavern
with my brother David and sister 
Jen and her husband.

So glad we were able to 
spend some time with 
some dear friends from NH.
Thank you Lara, Erin and Kerry 
for making it happen!
We loved seeing you
and can't wait for next year!

And it wouldn't be summer
without the obligatory bridge
(sweet jump Kyra!)




Not this year Griff

One late afternoon Jen and I took
all the kids up to Squibnocket..
Squibby is open to the public
after 5.

We love Squibby!!

When we start getting close to the end..
we all start saying,
"we haven't done this!"
"we haven't done that!"
Menemsha for dinner and sunset
is a must and I'm so glad
we  pulled it together to go.

We bring a bottle of wine
and order dinner from
The Bite and Larsen's fish 
shrimp cocktail
lobster rolls
and the seafood nachos
are amazing!!

Miss you Stephen!

Nothing better than good food,
family and the best sunset in 
the world!

It was also Will's 12th 

On our way home from Menemsha
we swung into my Mom's house
for cake and singing.
Happy Birthday buddy!
We love you!

We rented the Banana boat!
Such a fun day and Jen and I 
got to ride on the boat while towing these
guys with Griff and Annie!

I don't think I've ever 
laughed that hard!!

Last one standing

What a blast!

The summer was filled with 
ice cream
and carousel rides..

and back door donuts
and swimming
and family and friends...

and house buying!
We bought a cottage in the 
Still pinching myself and 
counting the days until next summer.

Waving goodbye
to our family and 
our new home.
It was an awesome summer.
See you next year!

We drove to Boston
and spent two days
back to school shopping
hair cuts
doctors appointments
and saying goodbye to our
Duxbury friends
after they hosted a
fantastic meal for us!
We love and miss you Perry Drive!

Griffy loved trying on
back to school clothes.

Our last American meal before
boarding our flight home to Paris.
Clam chowder and hamburgers.

And we're off!

Goodbye Boston!
Hello Rome
Positano and Capri!!


  1. Great documentation Pam. Your kids look so happy and healthy! What a summer!

  2. Enjoyed the pics. great memories you are making. Now you have your own place. Wow!

  3. Oh man... your blog is so much fun to read!!!! Congratulations on your new summer house! I've always wanted to vacation at Martha's Vineyard in the summer. We live in CT so it's doable... I've just got to start saving to rent one of those houses at the Campground for a week. One of these years for sure! I love the pink house you stayed at this summer but yours is even better! I can't wait to see what you do with it!!! Happy fall and back to school and all that good stuff! Glad your travels were safe!

  4. Oh my goodness your new beach house in the campground is adorable!!!! How wonderful for your family. Looks like so much fun.

  5. Congrats on the summer house! So perfect for your family. Everyone looks so relaxed, and happy! Best wishes to your son as he begins college. A new season for all of you. Thanks for sharing your adventures

  6. Pam, this was all so great. Your photos are wonderful and your family so happy and smile-inducing. And as I said on ig, a huge congratulations on your new house! How ironic that you will have to move in Paris and yet have a home waiting for you in the US!