Tuesday, September 16, 2014

La Parisienne

I ran a road race for the first
time Sunday! 
The La Parisienne 6.7 km!!
I started running at the 
beginning of the summer.
The furthest I've run is about
4 km.
 I had every intention of stopping
at 4 and walking the rest..
but I just kept going!

It was so exciting picking
up my number!
And the day of the race there
are over 25,000 women running!

It was such an amazing day.
Never in a million years
did I ever think of running
a road race.
And now..
I want to do another!
It's addicting!

There was a group of us
that ran.
So fun!

Griffy didn't go to school.
He woke up crying and 
said he didn't want to go.
I didn't push him.
So we went to a cafe together.
(I had a delicious fig and mascarpone tarte!)

We've been having warm sunny
days with gorgeous skies over the city.
(sunrise this morning over Les Invalides)

And this morning he's off!
We kiss each others' hands 
and put them on our cheeks 
when we miss each other 
during the day.

My hand is always 
on my cheek.
So proud of you buddy!


  1. Awesome that you did the run! Wow! Love the look of that cake and sunrise, too :)

  2. 25 thousand runners and they took the time to put your name on your number!!!
    How impressive was your first outing, Pam!
    Love the shots of happy Griffy with the cake and with his schoolmates!

  3. So glad he went back today and you didn't have to push him! Looks like he's not the only one with some hesitation about this school thing! ;) The cheek idea is great - I love that!! It's definitely not an easy transition. Good luck with the rest of the week & I'm so proud of you for running a road race! Awesome!! xo Duxrox

  4. So proud of YOU! Félicitations, Pam that is amazing!

  5. Congratulations on your race! That is awesome. And, the kiss on the hand and to your cheek is just the sweetest.

  6. So very sweet, Pam, love the image of you and your little with hands on cheeks through out the day. Congratulations on your race! I love that you just kept going. Good for you! XO

  7. Amazing! I love that photo of you! Sounds like it was wonderful and what gorgeous weather you had. Love your photos!! So happy for you xxx

  8. Was researching La Parisienne race as I am coming up to Paris and running for the first time this year. Just started running and am a complete beginner so it was really interesting to come across your blog and see your write-up. Very interesting and well written.