Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Must Confess...

About the dog.
He's gone.
He's been gone for a few months.
Not gone as in like
doggy heaven gone.
Gone as in living 
the good life in the 
beautiful hills of Vermont.
My sister in law and brother in law
wanted him.

This past winter was a stressful one.
With Hannah's sickness
and Steve's travel..
I couldn't deal.
Yes..this is the SECOND dog 
I've given away.
I'm sure my children will be in therapy.
But, you know what?
I'm stress free!
And that makes me a better person to be around.
I will tell you that I wish I was a better dog person.
I'm just not and Ziggy needed to be in a home
where he was really loved.
And..we had a feeling that we were moving
to Paris and thought it would be best
to say goodbye to Ziggy
sooner than later.

Griffin had a real hair cut yesterday.
He hated every minute of it.
It was much needed
but he does look like a big boy now. :(

And to answer some Paris questions!!
Yes..we are selling the house and the cars!
Come and buy them!
This is a 3 year job for Steve.
Our plan is to come back and live here..
we love it here and never thought we'd move again.
But c'mon..Paris!
We have talked to the older kids a lot about this.
Stephen will be a senior in high school next year.
He wants to go!
I think he knows that this will be an incredible experience
for all of us.
I'm so proud of him!
Hannah can't wait to dance in Paris!
And shop!
Will is having fun telling his friends we're moving to Paris.

The children will attend either the American School in Paris 
or the International School of Paris.
We will live right in the city!
Steve starts his job May 1st.
I will stay back until the kids finish school
and move sometime this summer.

I can't wait to see what the 
view from my kitchen sink 
will look like!!

Thank you for joining in our excitement!
I must go learn some French


    congratulations to you all. what an amazing experience.
    xoxoxoxoxo! ps...I thought that Ziggy was gone;)

  2. Yay! What a great adventure for all of you...and what fun for all of us to experience it with you through your blog! I can't wait to see your new view either.
    Have a great day!

  3. What an adventure you will be on... I agree... can't wait to see your view from your Paris kitchen sink!

    Sorry about the dog... good for you for knowing that it was for the best. I agree with that too... if Mom is all stressed out and unhappy taking care of a dog the kids would suffer. I've thought about a dog for so long but know that I just couldn't do it.

    Enjoy your preparing for Paris! What an amazing opportunity!

  4. Everytime I get an inkling for a dog. . .I wonder, because I am really, really not an animal person and I wonder if I could do it. Glad ziggy found a good home.

    Glad the kids are on board for the move!

  5. What an incredible opportunity! How great that everybody is on board and you can come back to your life here in a few years? Best case! We got to travel through Paris twice this last year and it is an amazing place. I can't wait to tag along via your blog!

  6. Oh congratulations! I saw your new header this morning and thought " Bet she's going"! We've talked of living internationally and I would go in a heartbeat. And ... Next to the births of my children, the best day of my life was the day I rehomed the dog :)

    Love the haircut !

  7. Oh my goodness how exciting! What an awesome adventure for your family. I'd love to head abroad with the kids for a few years...amazing. And the dog? Good for you. I wish I had the guts to get rid of the weasel. I've threatened on many a day. Our two, yes two, dogs are horribly trained thanks to the kids and I. Oy. I'm glad Ziggy has a good home- and you can still visit him!

  8. Did I ever email you back and tell you I gave our dog away too. I don't know if you remember but I left you a comment one day because we got a dog right when you did and you lasted longer than we did AND we are not even moving to Paris. So, feel good about that!

  9. Wow! That's amazing!! I have a friend there - she was my maid of honor - I know she would LOVE to help you out there and she has kids some of your kid's ages. Enjoy!!

  10. Have an exciting adventure - I hope you continue to blog and share! And I bet that dog is enjoying his life in VT. Although I really think families especially should really think about the commitment to a dog before bringing one into the family, it sounds like the best possible ending - a new family that you know will give him all the best and allows you to be the stress free mommy to your family. win win although I'm sure many doggie lovers (and trust me, I am one - I have 2 rescues myself and one has huge behavioral issues after being given up from his first family) but I also think human families are priority #1 - as long as the dog is put into a GOOD situation, its a win for everyone.

    Best of luck in Paris - and I bet your house will be snapped up in a New York minute!!!

  11. What an exciting time for your family-congratulations. We lived in Belgium for 2 years and have talked about moving overseas again once the kids are in college. You're so fortunate that the kids are happy about the move, too. Can't wait to see your new place.

  12. So exciting! And you must visit London........

    Keep us posted. Good luck!!

  13. I can not believe that you are moving to Paris!!! What an amazing experience for your family. I hope you will keep blogging once you are there so we can live vicariously through you!

  14. Wowza, Pam!!! So excited for you and your BIG MOVE to Paris!! I love that your confession is about the dog (*that you no longer have* and the dog which is now living the good life in the hills of Vermont!!)!! Such excitement and so many decisions in your life!! I will be praying for you and your family that everything falls into place. I have spent 10 days in Paris with my hubby & kids and we really loved it!! And then most recently a week in the South of France which is just a train ride from Paris!! You are sure to create many adventures and experiences for your kids and most of all as a family!! Keep blogging so we can live vicariously thru you!! hugs, cathy

  15. First - the dog - hilarious and good for you!
    second - Paris! AMAZING!EXCITING! WOW!!!! I can't wait to read all about it! Please give us all of the details as you move forward in this adventure you and your family are taking!!!!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  16. i had a feeling ziggy took a trip!!:)
    oh well...less stressed mama is key!
    i can't wait to hear all about this adventure.
    good for you guys!
    have a happy day pam

  17. Soooooo dern excited AND jealous! It is THE very best education for your kids. Oh, glory! What memories. And your {new} view will be tres magnifique!

  18. I'm so excited for you guys! And don't worry about the dog..... I'm not a dog person either and that's fine. I'm sure he's loving Vermont!

  19. excited for your new adventure.
    please do NOT ever get another dog. Its not fair for the family or the dog. Dogs should part of the family.

  20. Pam,
    The French version of Rosetta Stone is amazing! I took many years of French in high school and college, but I have learned more from RS!
    But, you will be amazed how quickly you will pick up the language from being immersed in the culture-- really the best way to learn.
    So happy for you, looks like we may not be in Paris come June after all, but I will let you know if we do.

  21. OH MY!!! I haven't read your blog in a while (my own busyness...yuck). You are one of the most adventurous and bravest souls. So amazing to live a without fear, or have the fear, and just proceed. Wishing you the best of luck. The culture, the food, the style....ahhhh...., ENJOY!!!!